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Bearing these things in mind, then, let us consider the existing cold war between the smoker and the nonsmoker. The nonsmoker can't comprehend that good raw clutch at the bronchials and the resultant feeling of dim placidity which the smoker feels with his first drag on a fresh cigarette.The smoker can't understand what the nonsmoker does with his time. A place setting from a Lyndon Johnson White House State Dinner, with cigarettes and ashtrays for the guests at the table.Now, most etiquette books seem to contain more gravy than meatballs.They tend to shut their eyes to life as it is lived.He mustn't go smoking to the table when he is a dinner guest in someone's house.

In all fairness it must be admitted that smokers annoy nonsmokers.

Cigarette smokers are especially prone to palm their cigarettes for the short ride down to 5, which is against most building regulations and burns holes in people's clothes.

He mustn't smoke where there are No Smoking signs, for these usually mean business.

If she does not, by the end of the meal, the smoker may correctly ask for one. (So is dropping a cigarette butt into the toilet without flushing it promptly.)Pipe smokers have long been considered the nobility of the smoking fraternity, for reasons that are not immediately clear, and the longer you think about them, the fuzzier they become.

The pipe smoker's ash tray, full of decayed yellow pipe cleaners garnished with dottle, is actually pretty disgusting, no matter how virile the pipe smoker may look biting his briar.