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They then narrow down the search by filtering prospects using criteria such as gender, ZIP code, race, religion, marital status and whether or not a person is a smoker.

Users filter through the results themselves, deciding on their own which prospects to pursue.

Over a three-month period last fall, Joe found 500 people who appeared to fit his criteria.

He initiated contact with 100 of them, corresponded with 50 and dated three before finding the right match.

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Step 1: A perfect match, served up fast Online dating sites take two basic approaches to provide users with matches.Finally, there’s the biggest question of all — do these tech-driven, algorithm-heavy sites work any better to help people find true love than the local bar, church group or chance encounter in the street? • Deliver an acceptable range of probable matches and offer a variety of ways to pursue those prospects, including high-tech developments from video chat to photo-realistic avatars.Armed with these questions, a passably decent head shot, and a very patient wife, I set out to discover what’s under the covers in the world of online dating. • Keep the quality of the prospect pool high by weeding out inactive and misbehaving users and by blocking the 10% or more of new accounts every day that are estimated to be scammers, con artists, criminals, sexual predators and other undesirables that can overwhelm a site and drive away paying customers.Joseph Essas, vice president of technology, says the company stores 4 terabytes of data on some 20 million registered users, each of whom has filled out a 400-question psychological profile (e Harmony’s founder is a clinical psychologist).The company uses proprietary algorithms to score that data against 29 “dimensions of compatibility” — such as values, personality styles, attitudes and interests — and match up customers with the best possible prospects for a long-term relationship.

Chat dating online personals services yahoo yahoo