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The 32-year-old, who holds international relations and political science degrees from the University of British Columbia, also serves on the board of directors of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

She worked with President Bill Clinton as part of the National Security Council and oversaw African affairs, later working at the Brookings Institution. Later, she served as the national security adviser for the second term of the Obama administration. C., on November 17, 1964, to parents Lois Dickson Fitt and Emmett J. Rice's family is well renowned among the Washington elite; father, Emmett, is a Cornell University economics professor and former governor of the Federal Reserve System, while mother Lois is an education policy researcher and guest scholar at the Brookings Institution.After being named “Canada’s Sexiest Male MP,” for several years by Both Mac Kay and Stronach were seen as young and attractive alternatives to the drab and boring personalities that normally fill Parliament Hill.As such, their relationship gained a certain notoriety, as a kind of Prom King and Prom Queen of Ottawa, a situation unusual in Canada where the public and the media are usually loathe to poke into the bedrooms of politicians.As the news hits that Peter Mac Kay has secretly married Iranian-Canadian pilot/model/beauty queen/singer/human-rights activist Nazanin Afshin-Jam, we take a look back at the surprisingly public love life of the MP formerly known as Parliament’s most eligible bachelor.Although Mac Kay rose to prominence as the last leader of the PC Party before it finally and definitively merged with Stephen Harper’s Canadian Alliance to form the modern Conservative Party of Canada in 2003, it’s often his love life that has captured the attention of the public in recent years.