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Many interesting facts about Shakespeares life have survived, and will help shed some light on who William Shakespeare really was as a playwright, as well as who he was as a man.

In today's world there is so much emphasis put on higher education, making it very hard to believe that someone could produce literary masterpieces without completing some type of formal education.

Also, there was the minor factor that one of Shakespeares plays, Henry VIII Part 3, had devastating consequences on the Globe.

Exterior of the Globe Theatre In 1613, just three years before Shakespeares death, Henry VIII was being performed at the famous Globe Theatre.

Birthplace of William Shakespeare - Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England Shakespeare did not attend college of any kind.This unusual building, so often copied in other theatres in countries around the world due to its circular seating arrangement, is one of the iconic features in Southwark, London.There is a misconception that all of Shakespeares plays were performed at this location out of some sort of loyalty, but this is simply untrue.Even for the traditional standards of the age, he was still considered to be too young to get married.Most people who wed quite young were landowners whose main objective was to have children, ensuring the prosperity of their crops by bringing little laborers into the world with their new bride.