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It’s clear that women today are curious as to what women in the past did when they were menstruating.

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(App Annie considers that the best way, in this particular case, to independently measure an app's market penetration.) We only list the top-rated app for August, but your favorite app may have been a close second or come out on, um, top in another month, since the competition is fierce.The ancient Greek word used here is the indispensable ancient Greek-English dictionary by Liddell, Scott and Jones (known cheerfully to classicists as ‘LSJ’) also gives ‘tent, tampon’.Is this where the imaginary ‘Hippocratic tampon’ comes from?Now, in a medical context, a tent is not somewhere you spend the night during an outdoor vacation, but an expansible plug of soft material for opening up an orifice.In medical English, tampons also have a rather different meaning to that which we now assume.