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You can also complete the Qualification Form online at Reporting for Jury Service There are two ways to verify if your service is required: Trial Jurors must call in or check the online Jury Announcements page each and every evening (Sunday – Thursday) during their service week to confirm service is required the next day.It is an entity nearly surrounded by but separate from the County of Baltimore, which has its county seat in Towson.The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code, which is used by the United States government to uniquely identify states and counties, is provided with each entry.

Cecil County has four Grand Jury terms for 3-months each which begin January, April, July and October. Trial jurors, also known as Petit jurors, serve for one week.

The Circuit Court schedules jury trials Monday through Thursday and tries not to set jury trials on Fridays if possible.

If you have received a summons for jury service please complete Part B – Juror Qualification Form on the back portion of your summons and return it to the Jury Office within ten days of receipt.

Grand Jurors call the evening prior to their summons date only.

If empanelled as a Grand juror you will be given a specific list of reporting dates and will not be required to call-in after the first day.