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'I'm riddled with loose skin, my stomach is very saggy, I have bingo wings under my arms, nipples and boobs that hang, as well as other problem areas.'This body isn't what I should have as I know it isn't nice, I want to look in the mirror and see what I've achieved rather than a sad reminder of who I used to be.'Paul's weight gain began at 19-years-old after his mother Valerie, 50, died of pneumonia, related to Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

As the pounds piled up, he became more depressed and anxious, refusing to leave the house for the fear of people judging him for his size.

The BBC’s Washington Correspondent, Rajini Vaidyanathan, is reportedly a member of the group and wrote about her experience of sexual harassment in the wake of the controversy.'I would have a panic attack from just opening the front door, every day that went by I felt further and further detached from society, the thought of leaving my home crippled and petrified me.'Paul says he began eating 'stupidly large portions' and would drink two litres of coca cola a day.'When ordering Chinese food, I would a big plate of rice, chips and chicken balls, I would have a large pizza with chips or a large chicken meat and chips enough for two people each time,' he re-called.'I would order take-out food and then wouldn't do anything to exercise it away, my laziness led me to getting bigger and bigger.'However, he said a house visit from a doctor helped him to turn his life around.'He put me in touch with a brilliant clinical psychologist who fought tooth and nail to get me a community nutritionist and helped me to get weight loss surgery,' he explained.A BBC spokesperson said: “We can’t comment on individuals but treat any allegations seriously and have processes in place for investigating them.” The BBC have also reported the story on their own news channel but did not comment further.A 51-stone man who lost more than half of his body weight says he now looks like a 'deflated balloon' due to his saggy skin.

Sex dating in derbyshire uk