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The Florida Legislature this year passed a law that calls on the group to devise plans for a memorial and figure out what to do with any unidentified or unclaimed remains.Jerry Cooper, the president of the White House Boys, a group of former Dozier students, cited the new probe amid a heated and emotional discussion on whether any bodies should be reburied on the site.Cooper said the inquiry was still open, but when asked about the investigation, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement released final reports on three separate but related probes that had been launched by the agency in early 2015.Florida struggling to decide next steps for Dozier School for Boys Investigators looked into allegations of whether a one-time student had been "clubbed to death" in the late '60s and the mystery surrounding the missing remains of a former student.Some former students have accused school officials of physical and sexual abuse, especially in the 1950s and ’60s.Many former Dozier inmates call themselves “The White House Boys” after the white building where they say the worst abuse took place.Now the school’s sickening legacy is the subject of Deadly Secrets: The Lost Children of Dozier, a documentary directed by Heidi Burke that airs on LMN on Friday night. The Florida School for Boys, as it is also known, opened in Marianna, in the Florida Panhandle, in 1900. Boys were sent there for crimes like smoking cigarettes and skipping school.

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State Attorney Glenn Hess, the lead prosecutor for six north Florida counties, told state investigators in late May there was not enough evidence to pursue murder charges and that too much time had passed to charge anyone with abuse.

"While wine may get better with age, criminal cases do not," Hess said in a May 24 letter obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

GARY FINEOUT Associated Press Florida quietly launched new probe into Dozier school Over the past two years, Florida authorities quietly launched new probes into homicide and sexual abuse allegations associated with a notorious and now shuttered reform school in the Panhandle.

But despite interviewing 50 alleged victims of sexual abuse at the Marianna school, the case will not lead to any arrests.