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Line 13 Gambling Winnings – Report winnings on line 13, rather than on line 14 as was done in years prior to 2014.Line 14 Bonus Depreciation - Iowa has not coupled with the bonus depreciation provisions allowed for federal tax purposes for the 2015 tax year and subsequent years.NOTE: Iowa did not couple with the bonus depreciation provisions allowed for federal tax purposes for the 2015 tax year.For Tax Year 2015 Only: For Individual Income Tax Filers Only: Dependent Child Health Care Coverage: The indication of whether dependents have health care coverage is mandatory and must be completed for 2015.Taxpayers who earn at least 2/3 of their income from farming or commercial fishing will have until May 2, 2016 to file and pay their 2015 returns.Payment Options: Direct Debit payment with the income tax return.Deductions for the following are taken on line 27 of the Iowa Schedule A: Line 39 Tax from Tables or Alternate Tax – For purposes of the alternate tax, include reportable Social Security benefits from Step 4 and the pension exclusion from line 21.

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There is a limitation on the amount of itemized deductions that can be claimed for certain high-income taxpayers.Line 23 Iowa Capital Gain Deduction –The IA100 capital gain deduction form is available on the Department’s website under “individual income tax forms” which must be included with any return claiming the Iowa capital gain deduction.Line 24 Adjustments Line 27 Federal Income Tax Refund Received in 2015 Do not include any part of the refund received from Earned Income Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit, First-time Homebuyer Credit, Refundable Education Credit.Line 50 Out-of-State Tax Credit The United States Supreme Court decision issued on May 18, 2015, in the Comptroller of the Treasury of Maryland v. For Iowa purposes, the decision requires the out-of-state tax credit to be applied prior to other nonrefundable Iowa tax credits and before calculation of any school district surtax or EMS surtax.Therefore, the out-of-state tax credit calculated on form IA 130 will be entered on line 50 of the IA 1040.