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NOTE: Iowa did not couple with the bonus depreciation provisions allowed for federal tax purposes for the 2015 tax year.For Tax Year 2015 Only: For Individual Income Tax Filers Only: Dependent Child Health Care Coverage: The indication of whether dependents have health care coverage is mandatory and must be completed for 2015.Federal income tax includes the net investment income tax on Federal Form 8960 and additional Medicare tax withholding from line 24 of Federal Form 8959.

Iowa has not coupled with federal section 179 amounts for tax years after 2015.Effective with the enactment of House File 2433 on March 21, 2016, Iowa tax provisions are coupled with federal provisions retroactive to January 1, 2015 for tax year 2015 only.The most common federal provisions with which Iowa is now coupled are listed below.In addition, a credit can also now be claimed on the IA 130 for income taxes paid to local jurisdictions in other states. Line 60 Child & Dependent Care Credit - the Iowa credit is based solely on income level, even if the federal credit was limited.Line 64 Reserved & Line 65 Taxpayers Trust Fund Tax Credit - Both lines will be zero.