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Underboob Tattoo: Everyone is excited about this sexy tattoo trend right now

Sure, there is one thing with tattoos: trends come and go - but once the motif is on the skin, it cannot be removed without a lot of effort and money. Therefore, not only the motif of the tattoo is decisive, but also the placement on our body.

In addition to inconspicuous, filigree tattoos, for example on the finger or behind the ear, the underboob tattoo is currently very much in trend. Its most famous wearer is Rihanna. By the way, her choice of motif for the tattoo under the breast is the Egyptian goddess Isis, who was considered the deity of magic and rebirth in mythology.

Meanwhile, the underboob tattoo is not only celebrated by the pop singer, but also by many fashion bloggers and is appearing more and more frequently on Pinterest, Instagram & Co. We'll tell you everything you need to know about the new tattoo trend.

Underboob tattoo or sternum tattoo?

As the name suggests, the underboob tattoo is done on the upper body below the breasts. The currently most popular variant à la Rihanna is the sternum tattoo. Sternum is the medical term for 'breastbone' - and this is exactly where the tattoo is placed. The sternum tattoo is visible when you wear a top with a plunging neckline or a bikini.

But as with most tattoos, there are also many different variations of the underboob tattoo. For example, the sternum tattoo can be engraved on the sternum as a small, discreet motif. Another option would be to have the tattoo run horizontally. For example, the goddess Isis is placed on Rihanna's sternum with her wings spread right and left under the breasts. But a diagonal motif or a lettering that only runs under one breast can look great.

Which motifs are suitable for the underboob tattoo?

Imaginative mandalas as well as flower and leaf motifs are ideal. They can be lengthened individually or, for example, adapt to the shape of your breasts. But the basic rule is: Try to find a motif that you like very much or, in the best case, means a lot. A tattoo on the sternum or under the breasts is placed close to your heart, which is why you should definitely take enough time to think about the choice of the motif.

Who can wear the underboob tattoo?

Are you worried that your breasts are too big or too small for an underboob tattoo? Then we have good news for you: It doesn't matter whether you have very large, small or unequal breasts, the tattoo can look beautiful on absolutely any breast size and shape. With small breasts, the tattoo is very visible, with a large breast, on the other hand, it can look very sexy if part of the tattoo is covered by your breasts.

Is it painful to get an underboob tattoo?

Of course, the way people feel pain is different. However, you should be aware that the skin over your sternum is extremely thin and sensitive. There is also a large plexus of nerves located in the middle below the chest. And even as your body gets used to piercing with the tattoo needle over time, the tattoo will be very painful.

By the way: In addition to the pain, you should also be aware that your tattoo will change over time. Pregnancy and weakening connective tissue contribute to the fact that the motif is deformed and faded. Even a sagging breast cannot escape with time, so that at some point more of the tattoo will be covered by the breasts than originally planned.

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How much does an underboob tattoo cost?

The cost of your tattoo depends on the size of the design and the tattoo artist. As a rule, the bigger and more elaborate the tattoo, the more expensive it will be. You should calculate from around 200 euros for a sternum tattoo.

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