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| World Cancer Day 2021

Ambitious plan: EU wants to beat cancer

The EU Commission has big plans to contain cancer, which could soon be the number one killer in Europe. Praise comes from a medical professional. Bernd Riegert reports from Brussels for Deutsche Welle. Continue reading

| Wipfeld

How Santa Clauses help children suffering from cancer

Wipfelder Nikoläuse have been visiting families, kindergartens, retirement homes and company parties for 32 years. They bring joy and do good. This money will benefit the parents' initiative for children with leukemia and tumor diseases in Würzburg e.V. for just as long. Continue reading

| Photo project

Encourage: life after cancer

Tobias Iserhot had leukemia himself. Now he is looking for people who have survived their cancer for a series of photos, as the WAZ reports. Continue reading

| Pharma facts

Over 1,300 drugs and vaccines in development

According to the American pharmaceutical association PhRMA, there are currently more than 1,300 drugs and vaccines against a large number of cancers in development or on the way to approval. These include many innovative treatment approaches. Continue reading

| research

What breath can reveal about Covid-19 and cancer

A tonsillitis, diabetes or even cancer: substances in the exhaled air suggest illness. Scientists around the world are working on tests for early detection. However, it is still unclear when such methods will become part of everyday clinical practice, according to the editorial network in Germany. Continue reading

| So that your baby can live

Pregnant woman with cancer decides against treatment

Sarah Milner is 21 weeks pregnant when the doctors told her that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Suddenly the mother is faced with the most difficult decision of her life: In order to be able to start the life-saving cancer treatment, she would have to terminate her pregnancy, so Read more

| Palliative medicine

Walk with dignity

In Aachen, medical students and nursing students learn together how to support patients with incurable diseases. Role-play in particular helps to master difficult situations as a team, reports the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Continue reading

| music express

Jeff Bridges won't let cancer get him down

Jeff Bridges has lymphatic cancer. As he himself announced on Facebook in mid-October, he has a great team of doctors at his side in the fight against the disease. The prognoses look good and yet the diagnosis is close to him, according to musikexpress. Continue reading