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Straight Talk Wireless: The Best No-Contract In-House Phone Out There? - 2021 - INVEST

Straight Talk Wireless has developed into a leading provider of low-cost telephone connections for private households. A landline connection was once expensive, but necessary for many households.

Now that most people are on cell phones and can get so many deals, the price of a landline has come down significantly. So if you're shopping for a cheap landline, you're probably curious to see if Straight Talk Wireless is the best option.

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Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone Plan

Straight Talk is a month-to-month TracFone service sold by Wal-Mart. Here is some basic information

  • contract: This contract-independent service offers maximum flexibility, as the service can be adjusted or even canceled at any time.
  • Monthly fees: Two plans are offered? $ 15 per month unlimited nationwide or $ 30 unlimited nationwide and international calls.
  • equipment: You need to buy a wireless home phone device once. It's $ 99.98 at full price,
  • Telephones: With Straight Talk you can store your existing home phones - up to two wired devices and unlimited cordless.
  • Use of the Internet: No, no high-speed internet or landline connection is required. If you haven't already installed these services in your home, there is no need to get them.
  • no hidden costs: While there aren't a lot of bells and whistles on Straight Talk, they don't charge any additional fees.
  • New telephone number: The choice of keeping your existing phone number or getting a new one is entirely yours.
  • reliability: The company economically markets its use of "America's Largest, Most Reliable Network". This is Verizon. As long as your region has this carrier, you shouldn't have any problems. Note that more rural areas are less likely to have coverage.

How does straight talk come together?

Straight Talk has many similarities to its close competitors Vonage and NetTalk. All three offer inexpensive plans without a contract, and the customer has to buy the necessary equipment once.

However, straight talk has the clear advantage when it comes to hidden fees. NetTalk charges customers a $ 19.99 fee to transfer their existing phone number, while Straight Talk does not. Both Vonage and NetTalk require customers to have an internet connection. However, this is not absolutely necessary with straight talk. Not only can customers avoid costly monthly internet charges, they also enjoy more reliable service as they do not have to rely on frequently erratic internet connections to make calls.

The $ 15- $ 30 plans offered by Straight Talk are significantly cheaper than traditional home phone services. For example, Verizon landline services cost between $ 62.99 and $ 64.99 per month.

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Straight talk is probably the best value for money

Straight Talk offers all of the basics of home phone service without the hefty price tag. Customers enjoy unlimited local and long distance calls, voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling and more without the limitations of a contract.

Compared to its competitors, straight talk phone service is likely the best option for most people. Note, however, that Straight Talk is not compatible with home security systems, fax machines, DVR services, credit card pictures, or medical alert systems. Customers with these special needs must stay on their local telephone set until Straight Talk can serve them.

Even so, the fact that Straight Talk doesn't rely on an internet connection is a huge plus. Not only will people without an internet connection not have to worry or pay the additional monthly service fees, but also any frustration caused by an inconsistent internet connection when the phone is turned on.

Simply put, Straight Talk is easy to use, affordable, and reliable, making it a solid choice for any home phone service. There are no bells or whistles, but if you just want to cut costs this is a good choice.

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