Can an NRI sell real estate in India

Buying property in India: co-owner

Be very careful when buying property in India. If it is an apartment, you have to pay the initial or maintenance costs "monthly". Even if the maintenance cost is a small amount, you still need to think about it. If you want to rent out the property to pay for the maintenance costs it is a big problem as the tenant may be trying to own your property. Trying to own the property is very common. Don't do anything without a solid lawyer. Of course, you also have to pay the lawyer. As far as I know, he can usually take 10% of your property to evict a tenant. If the tenant doesn't leave your property ... then things get worse ... pay the lawyer ... If you don't want to physically live on the property for the rest of your life, try messing around. The other thing to worry about is that a lawyer will cheat on you and put the home on their behalf and steal it from you. This is the same reason so many Indians are waiting in line for the US green card. I was born and raised in Mumbai. I came to the US on H1B and made the same co-ownership with my late father. I am now a US citizen. All of this is based on my previous personal experiences. Since I have a full time job here in the US, various people involved with the apartment have taken advantage of me because I can't be there in relation to this apartment.