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After a while, another Carnival of Aces posting, which is also worth translating. Luvtheheaven had asked about "analogies to asexuality" or similar experiences. The cake metaphor, for example, or comparisons between vegetarianism and asexuality, etc. would be popular here.

It all reminded me of some quotes I read in a book that a friend of mine wrote.

As there would be:

“If a psychologist runs into a person they cannot squeeze into the definition of normal, they either resort to psychobabble or pick out a good disorder. "

"If a psychologist encounters someone who cannot squeeze them into the definition of" normal, "they will take refuge in psychological talk or a good behavioral disorder."

“Psychology views (…) s as part of the“ lunatic fringe ”because the studies they use to base their worldview of“ normal ”upon rely upon what the majority does– […] This is more than simple rarity; it's saying that what the […] do should be the definition of normal and is a proper measuring stick by which mental soundness should be judged. "

"Psychology assesses (...) s as part of the" insane fringes "because the studies on which its view of" normal "is based are based on what the majority do, for example [...]. This is not all about rarity; rather, they say that what [...] s do should be the definition of normal and be a good benchmark for sanity. "

“(...) s are unique and rare - just like {...}. Rarity can be taken for disease, though this is a logical fallacy. "

“(...) s are rare, just like {...}. Rarity can be understood as a disease, although this is a logical fallacy. "

“(...) s themselves feel like there must be something wrong with them because they don’t behave the way they“ should, ”i.e. the way the majority behaves. Thus they are more open to accepting others' opinions of their shortcomings, reasonable or not. "

“(…) S believe that something is wrong with them because they don't behave the way they“ should ”, well, not the way the majority behave. Hence, they are more inclined to accept the opinion of others about their shortcomings, whether they are reasonable or not. "

"Lack of societal acceptance may actually contribute to real mental problems which are not intrinsic to the (...) ’s mental make up, but spring from a lifetime of ill treatment at the hands of others."

"A lack of social acceptance can contribute to real psychological problems that are not attributable to the mental disposition of (...) s, but are caused by a lifelong bad treatment by others."

The quotes about (...) s - INTP Myers-Briggs personality types - come from Anna Moss, an INTP friend from Alaska, from her book "The Secret Life of INTPs". It can be purchased on their website.

(Of course, this division into 16 types is not the ultimate answer, but it can help you understand yourself a little better.)

In any case - I have no idea whether it is enough for an analogy. Very many minorities know the feeling of being "wrong" somehow.

But I found it interesting that this feeling is also conveyed to some personality types. I am a self-diagnosed INTJ with INFP tendencies. In a nutshell: I'm an introverted person who finds theories and the big picture far more interesting than details and everyday events. I usually make my decisions with my head rather than my gut, and sometimes I need a bit of time to mentally adjust to a change.

Leads, for example, to my seeing patterns where none are and then being offended with someone for no reason. I react strangely when I'm supposed to throw a cocktail party at short notice when I actually feel like it. (* waves Tankred *) I have an intense aversion to household chores and tidying up, and I don't mind small amounts of crumbs anywhere.

I sometimes forget important things like buying food or cooking because I am currently finding something in my brain more interesting. I find it exhausting to have a lot of people around me, so I need a lot of alone time. My favorite activities are reading, writing, and, strangely enough, dancing.

I only have a handful of friends. The more contacts I have to juggle, the more panic I get. That's why I don't have a Tumblr. Sometimes I have no idea what an appropriate answer is and I slip my skin. Sometimes I resent life and customers when I have to be patient and simplify my vocabulary.

I don't watch sex, but neither do I understand how anyone can go out several evenings in a row to meet people.

This is not behavior that the majority displays, and most of the time not even socially acceptable behavior.

Sometimes I ask myself whether my feelings of alienation have only to do with asexuality, or also with introversion, my IN-typical mental absence or the fact that I am not as sensitive as "normal women". Sometimes I wonder if my personality and asexuality aren't making each other worse.

But whatever. I can't help it - I will never become a talkative partygoer who is always up to date with the latest news.