Regret life in the US

In his words, US President Donald Trump regrets some of his controversial tweets and retweets. Trump told the website's founder Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, in an interview that it happens "too often" that he wakes up thinking he shouldn't have posted something on Twitter.

"You used to write a letter and say, 'This letter is really bad.' And you put it on your desk, went back the next day and said, 'Oh, I'm glad I didn't send that off.' "

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Trump continued: "But we don't do that on Twitter." Instead, you publish things there immediately. Then you feel great until the calls come asking if you really said that. "I say," What's wrong with that? "And you find many things." Trump added, "It's not the tweets, it's the retweets that get you in trouble." When asked if he loved Twitter, the president said, "There are times I love it. Sometimes too much."

Trump is followed by 84 million users on Twitter. He is repeatedly criticized for his sometimes insulting and discriminatory tone. He is also accused of spreading false reports on the platforms. As a result, Twitter has begun to label de facto false tweets from the president with warnings.

In the past few days, two video interviews with the US President generated a lot of interest and ridicule - this is problematic for Trump, among other things, because he is campaigning for the presidential election in November and is falling behind his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in polls. In an interview with Fox News reporter Chris Wallace, he repeatedly pointed out false statements by the US President. In another interview with a representative of the station, the medical doctor Marc Siegel, the US President spoke about the test of his cognitive capacity he had completed, which he tried to portray as difficult. Portnoy, to whom the US President has now surprisingly given an interview, is also a frequent guest at Fox News. He was recently criticized for making racist statements. Portnoy had publicly announced in 2016 that he had elected Trump.