What is Breton nationalism

According to a survey, almost every fifth inhabitant of the western French region of Brittany is in favor of independence from France. 18 percent of those surveyed gave the Breton magazine Bretons admitted that they were in favor of secession from France.

The poll caused a stir because the region's nationalists, who last received less than five percent of the vote in regional elections, saw this as an affirmation of their stance. But there was also excitement because the magazine "Bretons" crushed its original issue with the survey on the front page - according to Breton nationalists under pressure from the newspaper publisher Ouest-France, a regional newspaper and a shareholder in the magazine. The editor of the magazine, Didier Le Corre, rejected this. The 6000 copies were destroyed for "technical reasons". This opportunity was used to make a change on the first page.

The Breton nationalists hope that they can benefit from the independence movements in Spanish Catalonia as well as in Scotland. Even if political nationalism is weak in Brittany, there are still efforts to cultivate one's own identity and language more strongly. Breton, a Celtic language, has been making a small comeback in the last few years after a long decline.

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