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The economy after Corona: weeks of setting the course

In its 4 future scenarios, the Zukunftsinstitut has already devoted itself intensively to the social consequences of the Corona crisis. However, changed social framework conditions also have a massive impact on the economy. So what can be learned from the scenarios “Total Isolation”, “Permanent Crisis Mode”, “Neo-Tribes” and “Adaptation” for the post-Corona economy?

With the White Paper "The Post-Corona Economy" the Zukunftsinstitut analyzes and describes the economic developments after the crisis 3 phases of renewal after Corona. Welcome to the forecourt of Post-corona economy.

Window of Opportunities

The economy is closely interwoven with the other subsystems of society, from politics and science to law and education to sport and religion. As a result of the Corona crisis, it is not only the economy that is cracking and groaning. All subsystems of society are falling to their knees in an unprecedented The 2020s will be the decade of resilience to global simultaneity. The state intervenes with a protective hand - saving the economy promises a resurrection of the whole of society as we knew it. But it's not that easy. There is no going back. Corona brings extensive change, the crisis initiates a profound process of renewal: the 2020s will be the decade of resilience.

One thing is certain: the crisis and its deep dislocations will follow new spaces of possibility. The coming months will become a window of possibilities and the way you set the course will have a lasting impact on the coming years - in society and the economy as well as in every single company.