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Social skills: these are the most important examples!

Table of Contents

  1. Social skills in the application
  2. Overriding competencies
  3. Competencies in conflict situations
  4. Other important skills

Social skills in the application

For your application, it is important that you first think about which ones concrete social skills are in demand in your job. There may be references to this directly in the job advertisement, for example if after a "team-minded" or "empathic" Employees are wanted. But these can also be behind other formulations Soft skillshide.

Once you have identified the central requirements for your job, it is important to meet them correctly in your application. It is important that you not just using empty phrases. "I am empathetic and able to work in a team" does not sound very convincing on its own. Prefer to use Examples from your everyday lifethat demonstrate your social skills.

To help, we have examples of individual social skills rolled into one PDF document summarized.

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Superordinate social skills

Not all social skills are equally important for every interaction. But there are some skills that the Basis for a social togetherness form.

1. Communication skills

This ability, as the name suggests, makes it possible in the first place to communicate successfully with others. Because: just talking is not enough. Communication skills are about the right words at the right time to choose and so no misunderstandings to come up. If you want to communicate successfully, you shouldn't just talk, but also can listen

2. Empathy

In order to understand what your counterpart is doing, you need a certain amount of empathy. Empathy is the ability to empathize with others. This way you can understand arguments and also in the right moments Be considerate of others.

3. Tolerance

A successful cooperation also includes empathy and communication skills tolerance. Tolerance means that you are your counterpart and his Ideas and values not condemn, but rather accept. Even if they are with yours do not agree with your own ideas. Tolerance enables everyone respectful to treat.

4. Ability to work in a team

In order to work with others you will also need Ability to work in a team. Social competence has a lot to do with it, not just in itself, but also to think of others. You are able to work in a team if you can place yourself in a team with others and the Represent the interests of the team. You can only function in a team if you have everyone involved and respect their ideas and concepts and discuss with them on an equal footing.

Social skills in a conflict

Social togetherness is shaped by Conflicts. In these situations, the following social skills are particularly important:

1. Conflict resolution

Conflict ability is probably the most obvious competence in this context. She makes it possible for you to be in difficult situations keep a cool head and know exactly how to proceed in a conflict. By dealing with conflict, you can solve a problem far from personal emotions analyze and find a solution.

2. Willingness to compromise

In order to find a satisfactory solution for everyone, you also need in some conflicts Willingness to compromise. You don't always get exactly what you want when you work with others. It's often about one Compromise between different ideas to find. Be it at a sales pitch in sales or at a joint presentation with your colleagues. You should be open to a common solution to change your demands.

3. Assertiveness

But the exact opposite is also important in a conflict: yours Assertiveness. You can in a Disagreement Only exist among colleagues or friends if you can convey your arguments convincingly. Assertiveness doesn't mean that you disregard all other opinions. The ability is more likely to lead to you and yours Arguments are perceived in a conflict. You should state your beliefs and not be intimidated by other opinions.

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Other important social skills

Last but not least, there are also social skills that you only need in very specific situations. If you get into these situations, the skills are all the more important.

1. Intercultural competence

By Intercultural Competence you can hang out with people interact successfully with other cultures. Different cultures sometimes present a challenge in interpersonal communication. Even when you are greeted habits differ from country to country. If you have a lot to do with people from other cultures in your job, intercultural competence is essential.

2. Leadership skills

Every position in a team requires different skills. It has a special task leading position to. As the leader of a team, you are both a motivator and a supervisory authority. Your job is to do that Keep team together and get the best out of them. That has to be learned and is not necessarily something for everyone. If you want to take on a leadership position, you should have leadership skills.

3. Conducting conversations and negotiating skills

Especially in the Cooperation with customers belong Interviewing andnegotiation skills to the Key qualifications. Meet in a negotiation different interests on each other. You want that for yourself and your company achieve the best result and therefore you have to think carefully about how you proceed in the conversation. Of course that also plays Willingness to compromise matter on this point.

Test your social skills

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