Are you a minimalist

Minimalism for beginners: creating inner spaces

Minimalism is not an entertaining trend. Behind this is often the desire to focus on the essentials again. These tips will help you become a minimalist.

Do you wish you had more time for the essential things and for yourself? Are you often stressed about your everyday life and have difficulty switching off?

Become a minimalist and create space

Minimalism helps you clear your mind. In a world that is turning ever faster, this creates clarity: inside in the mind and outside in the environment. That doesn't mean you should be super spartan - however, minimalism will make you more aware of what is good for you and what is not. This creates more space for the things that are really important to you. Here you can find my definition of minimalism. The highlight: It doesn't matter whether you start with it outside or inside: You will find that both are dependent.

Here are my tips on how to become a minimalist starting today:


Make a conscious decision today to no longer seek your happiness in material things. This minimizes your distractions and creates space for new things. Through this changed mindset, you can question your individual areas of life step-by-step, minimize them and thus create more and more clarity.

Let go

Instead of putting a lot of material things on your shelves, collect great moments in your inner treasure chamber. Because you are not your things and do not need them to become a better, more valuable or respected person. You are all of this without your possessions.

You may still find it difficult to let go of things that have been given to you. You feel guilty because you worry about what they might think of you if you give or throw away their gift. Just make it clear to yourself that life is changing - and you are changing with it. Accept yourself and your changed tastes. The clearer you are with yourself, the more others will be with you.


Everyone knows procrastination. But what one step can you still take today that will bring you closer to your goal? You can ask yourself this one question every morning. Take one small step towards your goal every day. The important thing is: just start with it.

Sometimes I undertake so much at once that I am standing in front of a huge mountain and am unable to move at all. It then helps me to divide this huge mountain into many small mini-steps. An important prerequisite for this is: Know your why. Because when you know why you want to take many mini-steps, it will be easier for you to stay motivated.


A busy schedule is a great distraction from yourself. Differentiate which dates are important and unimportant. Maybe there are dates that you only entered because you feel obliged to? Just ask your heart which dates it really wants. Then try to skip some of the less important dates. For this you can rather register dates with yourself or your partner each week.

And be vigilant: watch your behavior on new appointments. Do you pull out the calendar immediately, or do you pause for a moment and consider whether it feels right? Sure, there are a few exceptions, but how consistent are you really in consciously keeping evenings or a whole weekend free? Be mindful of your time. Because you can't dance at all weddings and you will miss them elsewhere.


Birthday or Christmas are typical days on which things quickly pile up again that others give you. Take a moment and think of another form of wish list. Because although I often don't want gifts, I've found it difficult for some to come empty-handed. So how about some time together, a donation to the animal welfare association or an online course that you have wanted to do for a long time?

Inform those around you that you no longer want any material gifts. Or just the ones you really need. Help them find the souvenirs or gifts that are more suitable for you.

You see, it is not that difficult to change your thinking. And your changed thinking will change your actions too. These small adjusting screws have a big effect in your everyday life and let you become a minimalist little by little. You can use the resulting space for activities that you feel like doing. And you will find how great it feels to take your life into your own hands again and to act instead of just reacting. Because self-determination is freedom.

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Become a minimalist: what are your tips? Write to me in the comments and tell me about it.

Photo: Stefanie Adam

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