Why we use limits in Autocad

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Even if the question is surely asked again every year, I unfortunately could not find a satisfactory answer and now I have to ask again here.

I don't really know if it's the right area, but the moderation is free to move the thread.

To the question:

Well, I've just received a small hardware update here, but unfortunately the feeling creeps in that we can't quite "get the performance onto the road".

We mainly work in AutoCAD, i.e. the standard version, without MEP, Electrical, or Architecture attachment.

Now, for example, an STP file is to be imported from a room model with furniture in order to prepare it here for simple visualization.

Even if the .stp file is not the smallest, the handling should actually be a bit smoother.


Below me is a higher-level I7 processor with 32 GB of RAM for support. The system, including AutoCAD, is installed on an SSD. The graphic is output and calculated with a Quadro P1000.


Perhaps these are not the most brutal values, but I think it should actually work a little better than it currently does.


Because I am now trying to eliminate all possible sources of error, I ask everyone if someone can give me the optimal setting for the NVidia system control. Then I can at least optimally adjust the software side of the graphics card.


So, a lot of bubbling, short fact: I need the best possible or necessary settings in the mask of the graphics card.


Would be really grateful for the information, but also for any other ideas that might come up here.


Best regards first






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by Sofia Xanthopoulou