How do I deal with Orthodox parents

At what age should a child be baptized?

Most often, children are baptized in the first year of life. Preferably up to 10 months.

What are the advantages of child baptism?

The birth of a child is a gift from God. Parents respond by having their child baptized. In baptism God expresses his love for children, regardless of how they behave. Parents and godparents then have the task of witnessing their faith on behalf of the children and telling the children about their Christian faith and exemplifying it.

What documents do we need for our child's baptism?

Please contact the pastor to make an appointment for the baptism talk and the baptism yourself. There you will find out everything you need to know. If you, as parents, have a family register, please bring it with you to the baptismal interview. In any case, please bring the child's birth certificate and copies of your identity cards / passports with you.

What does baptism mean?

Baptism is first and foremost the promise of God's love and blessing. With the mystery (sacrament) of baptism, the person to be baptized is accepted into the community of Christians and united with God in Jesus Christ.

Do I have to be baptized again if I change denominations?

The baptism in the triune God is in the understanding of all Christian churches something unique and can therefore not be repeated. When converting to the Orthodox Church, the chrism / myron anointing is made up for.

Can we take photos or film during the service?

It is requested that a designated person take the photos / film in order to avoid unnecessary restlessness. However, it is possible to take pictures after the service. The focus is on the worship service and not on photography.

How should the person to be baptized be dressed during and after the baptism?

As convenient as possible before the baptism. As festive as possible after the baptism. White or at least light-colored clothing is desirable, which shows the pure, newly enlightened nature of the baptized to the outside world.

What does baptism cost?

Since the Orthodox Church does not claim any church tax, a donation of 200 euros is generally requested from the parents. With this money, communities and charitable projects in the Greek Orthodox metropolis of Germany are financed. The sponsor is expected to make a donation for the community's alms offering.

Who can become a godparent?

All Christians baptized Orthodox.

Is there an ecumenical baptism?

No. Since baptism is at the same time acceptance into a specific church community, it always takes place within a denomination. You should therefore decide beforehand whether you will have your child baptized Orthodox, Catholic or Evangelical. If you are unsure, you should talk to a pastor.

What is a mystery (sacrament)?

There is a strong understanding of the sacrament in the Orthodox Church. Through the sacraments we receive the grace of God, whereby man and God become one. All mysteries relate to man's entrance into the kingdom of God and were instituted by Jesus himself or the apostles. Man experiences God's love, mercy and forgiveness. God takes man into His divinity. The divine dimension of our life becomes visible in a human act. Everyday water becomes a divine blessing through the promise of God in the act of baptism.

What if the child cries in church?

That's no problem at all. Priests can handle it well and wait patiently for the child to calm down. After all, it is his party and it should feel good about it. It is best to make sure that you are not rushed to go to church. Unrest spreads quickly. Above all, you should feed and swaddle the child again before baptism and don't forget to take a drink, pacifier and cuddly toy with you.

Does my child have to have a namesake?

Not necessarily, but that would be very nice. The name day has a very special meaning in the year circle. In baptism, God called your child by his name and addressed him personally. A good reason to take a closer look at his name. Perhaps you will hang an icon with the namesake in the nursery and collect stories about this saint or this saint. Some names also have modern short forms. If the name is not of Christian origin, a middle name would be nice, such as that of a saint.




What do I need for the ceremony?

Baptism application

Information sheet for candidates for baptism

Order of baptism