What are the career opportunities in pharmacy

In the pharmacy degree, you combine knowledge from the Natural sciences and the medicineto understand how drugs work. You gain an insight into the exploration of Medicinal products and their safe delivery to doctors and patients. If you enjoy working in the natural sciences and are interested in medicine, pharmacy is an attractive course of study excellent career opportunities.

What course content can I expect?

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Your pharmacy degree is divided into two phases, that reason- and the Main course. Both last together 8 semesters and combine scientific studies and practical training. In the basic course you acquire basic pharmaceutical knowledge in lectures, exercises and seminars. You will write term papers and exams, prepare presentations and carry out laboratory experiments.

After 4 semesters you will take the exam 1st state examination from. This is followed by another 4 semesters in which you deepen and expand your specialist knowledge. You finish your pharmacy studies with the 2nd state examination. If you want to work as a pharmacist after completing your pharmacy studies, you must also complete practical training lasting one year. According to the requirements of the licensing regulations for pharmacists (AAppO), you will then take part in a pharmaceutical examination. If you pass this, you can do yours License to practice apply for.

Which conditions do I have to fullfill?

To start a pharmacy degree, you have to have a good one High School and take part in a central application process. The portal University start regulates the allocation of study places. These are through one Numerus clausus (NC) limited. In recent years, the selection limit has been 1.4 to 2.4, depending on the location. If your graduation is not that good, you also have the chance of a study place via the replacement procedure or with a few waiting semesters.

Is the degree program right for me?

As in many scientific subjects, a doctorate is also worthwhile after studying pharmacy. Whether you are interested in a position in the public service or in the pharmaceutical industry - the PhD always shows up on the paycheck.

Especially in the areas of pharmaceutical development and technology, you increase your chances of a steep career in industry. Because as an industrial doctoral student, you research products that your company can bring to market. Most large companies support you with one for your work scholarship.

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