Does it really hurt to get a tattoo?

What can you do to prevent a tattoo from hurting so much: 5 tips

Getting a tattoo is a real ritual. For those who love both tattoos and any other form of expression of the art of body modification, tattooing is a unique experience of great importance. First-time tattooers tend to have some doubts and feel insecure, and the vast majority of these involve pain and how to proceed. For all of these reasons, I'm going to give you some today Tips to keep tattoos from hurting so much.

The pain of the tattoos

First of all, let me give you a few explanations about pain. You can never predict how much it hurts to get a tattoo. Something we have to take into account is that when we get to the tattoo parlor with the idea that it is going to hurt, we are likely to let it affect ourselves and even experience a more intense pain. However, if we come up with the idea that we are being tattooed because we want to, and proceed with determination, we are likely to have a pleasant experience.

It's actually quite simple: tattoos involve piercing the skin, and this necessarily means pain. It doesn't matter on which part of the body you get the tattoo or what the size of the motif is. The skin is pierced so that the pain is there one way or another.

Some people are more tolerant of the pain than others. There are people who can endure tattoos for hours, and even those who get tattoos done using the ancient methods that create a greater burden of pain, as well as people who faint when they see a needle ... If you're one of them, then stop thinking about getting a tattoo.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

Tattoos are made in different ways, with different types of needles and different depths. Therefore, it is true that some motifs vary depending on the outline sketched and the types of shadows cause more pain than others. As for the pain itself, it is usually a pain similar to that experienced with a slight burn, sometimes accompanied by a slight sensation of itching in the area.

The pain is usually more intense in the areas with more muscle tissue. Anyway, a tattoo is a work of art, it's a mark on your body, and it's a unique symbol that usually stands for many things. So you should be absolutely sure about what you are doing. After all these explanations, let's look at the 5 tips that always work, to reduce the pain of a tattoo.

1. Stay clean

Never get a tattoo under the influence of any kind of drugs, and that includes alcohol. The drugs cause the blood to thin and change certain aspects of its consistency, which can lead to more bleeding and increased sensitivity to pain.

2. Always trust your tattoo artist

It is important that you always choose a tattoo artist that you can trust and with whom you have a good relationship. If you choose to go to a tattoo artist that you are not really comfortable with, the experience of getting a tattoo can be uncomfortable and the pain can become more noticeable.

3. Be determined and patient

If you want to get a tattoo done right, this will take a little longer than others some times, but worth it if the tattoo is really a work of art. Therefore, you must present yourself to the session with determination and the patience required for the artist to work.

4. Be honest with your tattoo artist

If the pain of the tattoo process becomes too bothersome, if you find it unbearable, or if you feel the need to take a break, it is very important that you let the tattoo artist know about your discomfort as this can affect the tattoo. A professional and trained tattoo artist will know what to do with these types of situations by giving you a break or adjourning the session to resume later and making sure the process is properly completed.

5. Try to stay calm

If the pain gets worse but you still think you can handle it, you can focus on other things and distract yourself from the situation. You can take a player with you with your favorite songs or those that you think can help you distract you from the pain. It is also a good idea to have someone guide you while you tattoo, who can help you with a conversation or chat with the tattoo artist, although this latter option is not so recommended as it could distract them from their work.