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The problem with fast fashion

The problem with fast fashion

Mass production, -en (f., Mostly singular) - the fact that something is produced in large quantities

Activist / activist - someone who fights for a (political) goal

Disposable textile, -n (f.) - Clothes that you wear briefly and then throw in the trash

Fast Fashion (f., Singular only, from English) - cheap fashion

Sustainability (f., Singular only) - here: a protection of natural resources through environmentally friendly production

Chain, -n (f.) - here: a company that has many stores and shops

criticize something - say that you don't like something

environmentally friendly - in such a way that someone behaves in a way that is good for the environment

Consumers - someone who buys and uses something

Expert - a person who knows a lot about a subject

Competition (f., Singular only) - here: economic competition

ecologically - here: environmentally friendly

to assert oneself - here: spread; become normal everywhere

Recycling (n., Singular only; from English) - the fact that new materials are made from used objects

Planet, -en (m.) - a celestial body that revolves around a sun

Ton, -n (f.) - here: a measure of the weight; 1000 kilograms

to dump something - throw something in the trash

grab something - take something

Second hand (f., Singular only) - from English: used; secondhand