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Today you have big plans: First you have the important meeting in the office. Fortunately, you can easily do this in your serous suit, because you feel comfortable in it and convince the boss of your new idea. Therefore, in the late afternoon, you start your well-deserved evening even more relaxed than usual. First you lace up your fitness shoes and put on your sportswear to work out during an intensive workout in the studio. Then it's off to the shower and then into the cozy hoodie and comfortable sweatpants. So you can treat yourself to a relaxing evening on the couch with your favorite series and a delicious pizza. With matching Men's clothing you are well dressed for everyday and special occasions. In this guide you can read what clothing is available and also find out which men's fashion fits your figure.

Table of Contents

Serious clothing for your job
Casual and fashionable leisure looks
Relaxed summer clothes for your vacation
Sporty outfits to feel good
This is how you can find the right clothing for your figure type
Six tips for the proper care of your clothes
Men's clothing: everything at a glance

Serious clothing for your job

At work, you make a serious impression in a classic suit in dark colors such as black or anthracite. Combine a simple shirt in white or light blue with a classy two-piece. A Tie and lace-up shoes made of leather complete the look for the office and business travel.

Tip: In a business bag that matches the shoes, you can stow your laptop, calendar and documents in a stylish and clear manner.

Casual and fashionable leisure looks

After work and on the weekend, you can turn off in a comfortable outfit Slim fit jeans and printed t-shirt a relaxed stroll through the city. You wear comfortable sneakers on your feet that pick up on the color of your shirt. With a cozy and simple sweat jacket you can sit outside in the café even in cool temperatures.

With earthy browns and greens or with camouflage patterns you are right on trend. A trendy look for winter can be a casual field jacket with cool shoulder flaps and spacious pockets. You also wear white sneakers and light brown chinos.

Relaxed summer clothes for your vacation

While on vacation, some relax lying on the beach, others like action and culture - match your holiday wardrobe to the planned activities: An airy, comfortable look with a T-shirt, shorts and sneakers is ideal for a sightseeing tour. If you visit religious sites, you should wear long trousers.

For the day at the beach you are in swim shorts, sporty tank top and airy toe separators well dressed. For dinner and a drink at the beach bar on a mild summer night, swap shorts for light linen trousers and combine them with a casual shirt and men's moccasins.

Sporty outfits to feel good

Get out of your suit and into your cozy homewear. You are particularly good at one Leisure trousers made of soft cotton and a matching hoodie to relax. If you feel like exercising, simply combine a t-shirt and men's fitness shoes with comfortable cotton trousers - and you're ready for a workout in the gym.

This is how you can find the right clothing for your figure type

Whether athletic, very tall and slim or rather small and strong: With these tips you will find out which cuts and colors of men's fashion fit your figure type and what you should pay attention to.

Y-type: strong shoulders and narrow hips

Do you have broad shoulders, a small waist and narrow hips? You also emphasize the silhouette of this athletic figure tight-fitting tops and regular-fit trousers they sit comfortably, but tight enough not to look too casual. With narrow shirts in slim fit or slim-fitting shirts in dark, rather subtle tones, you can create a visual balance in the proportions. This goes well with sneakers or sporty boots.

For the H-type: regular fit above, slim fit below

Suitable for men with a flat stomach and bottom and a straight back and chest slightly tailored tops.Vests, men's tank tops and knitted cardigans look very good on this H-figure type and, in combination with slim-fit jeans, make the upper body look wider.

Patterned fashion for tall I-types

For tall and slim men, whose shoulders are about the same width as the hips, body-hugging tops such as narrow, long trench coats are suitable. chunky cardigans and long-sleeved shirts. Patterns, horizontal stripes and a color contrast between the upper and lower parts visually interrupt the length of the body. Rolled up sleeves on tailored shirts and large men's woolen scarves in winter go well with the slim figure.

O-type: men with a strong stature

A rounded silhouette and a strong upper body make an O-figure. Are beneficial here monochrome outfits and casually cut tops with subtle patterns. Loose trousers such as chinos in dark colors and longer, casual jackets stretch you optically. You also wear rustic shoes. Accessories such as a scarf or an eye-catching watch distract from the core of the body.

Six tips for the proper care of your clothes

Whether sportswear, suits or jackets: We give you a few tips on how to properly clean and care for your items of clothing for a long time.

  1. If your clothes haven't gotten dirty while wearing them, you can air them outside for a few hours instead of washing them.
  2. The Manufacturer's care label indicates whether the garments can be put in the washing machine and with which settings. It also states whether they are suitable for tumble drying and whether they can be ironed.
  3. Sort your laundry by color and material. Colored laundry is usually washed at 30 degrees, whites at 40 degrees. Rotate the clothes in front of the Wash inside out to protect the colors. Empty shirt and trouser pockets and close all buttons and zippers.
  4. You should wear clothes made of delicate materials like wool and silk on a gentle cycle and with special mild detergents clean. To be on the safe side, you can put these clothes in a laundry net.
  5. Treat stubborn stains with gall soap before washing. You should soak older or dried-on dirt in warm water with a little washing-up liquid beforehand.
  6. When your laundry is completely dry, store it neatly folded in the closet. You can hang jackets and jackets on a hanger. Garment bags also protect against dust.

Men's clothing: everything at a glance

At work, during sports, at elegant evening events and on vacation - the right men's clothing can be combined with serious and casual outfits. With the right clothes you are prepared for everyday life and special occasions.

  • At work do you dress seriously with a suit in dark colors and a light shirt. A tie and leather shoes complete the business look for the office and business trips.
  • In leisure time dress with comfortable jeans, a printed T-shirt and casual, sporty sneakers. If it's colder, you put a simple sweat jacket over it. Men's clothing in brown and green tones in military style is very popular.
  • On holiday you are dressed in swim shorts and a tank top suitable for the beach. Shorts, T-shirts and sneakers are ideal for a sightseeing tour. For dinner and the beach bar, slip into airy linen trousers, a casual shirt and chic moccasins.
  • At home you can relax in soft cotton trousers and a comfortable hoodie. If you feel like exercising, you can change your sweater for a T-shirt and lace up your fitness shoes.