What is the minimum score for Manitoba PNP

Provincial programs at a glance

In addition to immigration opportunities at the federal level, the provinces and two territories also have their own immigration programs, which allow them to select potential immigrants themselves based on their own criteria and to "nominate" them for permanent residence (PR) with the immigration authorities. These programs are grouped under the term “Provincial Nominee Program” (PNP), except in Quebec. The Belle Province has its own immigration system ("Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion Québec"), which does not fall under the concept of “PNP”, but is materially similar.

The now 80 different Provincial Nominee Programs are an attractive alternative to federal immigration programs for immigrants. Each individual province and two of the three territories have their own tailored, mainly economically motivated programs.

They are aimed at different target groups. Mainly to (mostly younger) professionally experienced, well-qualified people with sufficient to good language skills and an affinity for the province in question and with a job offer in prospect. Individual programs are also aimed at investors or entrepreneurs. Depending on the economic situation, certain professional groups are preferred. There is probably also an opportunity for those willing to immigrate who have lower professional qualifications. Most of the time, a job offer is requested when applying, but there are exceptions.

Immigration then takes place in a two-stage process: First, the province selects its candidates and proposes them to the immigration authorities ("Nomination", or from Quebec: "Certificat de sélection du Québec"). And then they decide on the immigration application.