Which breakfast foods are high in protein

Protein-rich breakfast: the key to a muscular, lean body

The 6 best recipes

Regardless of whether it is muscle building, losing weight or a shredded look: One high protein breakfast lay the foundation for your goals in the morning. Why?! Easy: Protein provides your body with the building block for new muscle fibers, keeps you full for a long time and prevents cravings.
So that you don't have to grab the boring protein shake every day, you can find mine here Top 6 recipes for onehigh protein breakfast!

Full of protein: what else does a protein breakfast bring?

A high protein breakfast can get yours early in the morning metabolism cheer.
At the same time, a high protein consumption stimulates this Feeling of satiety in the brain so that you feel full longer and sooner. The result: You take away the entire day less calories on - without any excruciating hunger! In contrast to carbohydrates, after consuming protein, hardly any insulin is released and yours Blood sugar level remains relatively constant. So arm yourself high protein breakfast against cravings. Top!

Protein-rich breakfast for building muscle

Also the Muscle building pushes a protein-rich start to the day, because your muscles are made up of nothing but protein. In order to build up new gains, you have to provide your body with sufficient building material in the form of protein. Logical, right ?!
As you know, you need to build muscle more caloriesthan you used up. When a high protein breakfast leads to less hunger and a metabolism in full swing, how are you supposed to get into the calorie surplus ?!
No problem either: simply add healthy fats to your protein breakfast (for example nut butter, nuts, flax and chia seeds or oil) and the calorie balance is right again. Easy - and delicious!

Which foods go well with a low carb breakfast?

Here you can see a small list high protein foods:

  • Cheese / cream cheese / cottage cheese
  • Dairy products, especially low-fat curd, yogurt, skyr, and milk
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables like tomatoes, peppers or cucumber
  • Protein powder
  • fish
  • Meat (products)
  • Soy products
  • Quinoa
  • Oat flakes (also contain a lot of carbs, but "good" complex and comparatively high protein)

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Sweet Breakfast Without Carbohydrates: What About Fruits?

Apart from the protein powder, one seems high protein breakfast not to go with a sweet diet ?! Because even fruits contain large amounts of carbohydrates and are taboo because of their fructose - according to a common opinion in fitness circles. Correct?! Nope!
It's clear Fruit is not a protein-rich food, but that doesn't mean you have to cross it off the breakfast plate: fruits contain a lot of water and therefore have one low calorie density if the volume is high, they will keep you full for a long time. At the same time, they provide your body with valuable ones Nutrients and vitaminsthat you as an athlete can't have enough of. So: If you don't want to miss out on the taste of your morning jam roll, you can use skimmed quark with protein powder and banana - and you'll have your sweet taste!

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Which drinks complement a high-protein breakfast?

Drinks in particular can be yours healthy, high protein breakfast screw it up very quickly, because typical morning drinks such as apple or orange juice, cocoa, sugar or honey in tea and coffee with syrup not only shoot you plenty of calories, but also large amounts of carbs and virtually no gram of protein - except maybe the shot Milk in the cappuccino.
A better choice: Unsweetened coffee (If you don't like it black: a dash of milk is no problem!), Juice spritzers in a ratio of 1: 3, tea (especially green tea is a real fat killer food!), homemade Vegetable smoothies or of course water.
Of course, milk also goes perfectly with high protein breakfast, but don't forget: fun alone or as a café au laît has a lot of energy! Milk is therefore not a “drink”, but a meal. You have a coffee meal with this coffee smoothie.

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The best recipes for a high protein breakfast

Convinced?! Please - come here 6 ideas for a delicious protein breakfast!

High protein breakfast # 1: protein pancakes

For the basic recipe you need 1 ripe banana, 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg and 25 g protein powder.

Mix all the ingredients until you have a liquid mass. Preheat a coated pan and bake the pancakes on a medium heat with a little coconut oil. As a topping you can use different fruits like Berry, Watermelon or Bananas use. Pureed fruits are also great.
More recipes for delicious protein pancakes can be found here. These banana pancakes are also delicious!

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Protein-rich breakfast # 2: eggs in all variations

At a high protein diet you can't avoid eggs. Whether boiled chicken eggs, as an omelette - e.g. as a protein omelette, or in the form of fried eggs - eggs are outstanding sources of protein. you have one excellent biological value, are rich in vitamins and minerals and contain all the amino acids the body needs.

An ideal power breakfast is scrambled eggs: 4 eggs, a pan, paprika, salt, pepper and a little chives - you don't need more! It’s perfect with a few tomato, pepper or cucumber slices. I will spare you a preparation for this recipe.

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High protein breakfast # 3: Protein Oatmeal

Contains oatmeal complex carbohydratesthat bring you energy and for a long-lasting feeling of satiety to care.

Let them swell overnight in water (for more flavor in coconut milk) and stir in protein powder in the morning. You can use your own feeling of hunger as a guide when specifying the quantities. But remember: The small flakes swell up properly and therefore have much more volume. The eyes are bigger than the stomach - perfect high protein breakfast for the diet! For one Extra kick protein adds something else greek yogurt or skyr added.

To go with it: Zoats, Proats, Overnight Oats and especially these Baked Apple Overnight Oats.

High protein breakfast # 4: protein waffles

Protein waffles are a really good alternative to pancakes and are also suitable as a healthy snack on the go. For the protein waffles you need 60 g oatmeal, 60 g protein powder, 200 ml of milk, 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites and if necessary something clean to sweeten. It is best to puree the ingredients with a hand blender so that the oat flakes become finer. As soon as the dough is smooth, you can bake the waffles in portions in the slightly pre-greased waffle iron.
As a topping, you can, for example, puree low-fat quark or yogurt with fruit.

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High protein breakfast # 5: rice pudding

If you don't add sugar and the like without end, you are with us rice pudding Optimally supplied: Simply prepare according to the instructions on the package and finally stir in some protein powder with a taste of your choice. If you like, you can now Cinnamon or fruit (Berries, for example, are super low in carbohydrates!).

Or take this recipe right away: honey rice pudding. Also very tasty: Chia pudding.

High protein breakfast # 6: Vegan scrambled eggs

For all vegans, lactose intolerants or those who just want to try something different: A high protein breakfast also works completely without animal ingredients! For example with this one vegan tofu-based scrambled eggs completely without unnecessary carbs. All you need are 100 g natural tofu, a small onion, salt, pepper and turmeric and possibly fresh chives for garnish. You have to peel the onion, chop it finely and heat it in a little oil in a pan. Meanwhile, mash the tofu with a fork and add the crumbs with the turmeric. Toabout three minutes the tofu turns slightly golden. Add about 1 tablespoon of water, season your scrambled eggs with salt and pepper and you're done. If you like, you can sprinkle with fresh chives.
My advice: For a couple extra vitamins and nutrients you can add vegetables of your choice. My favorites: tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers or grated zucchini!

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So guys, they were mine Top 6 Recipes for a High Protein Breakfast - You can find many more on my website, such as high-protein breakfast shakes. Be sure to try it out and tell me!

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