What are the best brand of tights

Tights in the star TV test

It should sit well and last as long as possible. But which pantyhose is best? Prof. Dr. Lutz Vossebein from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach tested the ladder behavior and the fit of ten different tights in the laboratory. The price range of the products tested ranges from 50 cents to 29 euros.

The test winners are the tights from Wolford, from only die, elbeo and Kunert. You get the grade "very good". The tights from Falke, kik, Ernsting’s Family and dm achieve a "good" result. The tights from H&M and Calzedonia landed in the last place, with the grade “satisfactory”.

In an endurance test, the tights are also tested for their tear resistance. Can you pick up a case of beer with tights or pull a trailer weighing 400 kilos? And can pantyhose serve as a replacement for a V-belt? The answers: Wednesday, July 1st, 2020, from 10:05 p.m. on stern TV.

The results at a glance

Note: "very good"

-Wolford: Individual 20 Light & matte tights
-only the: Goodbye transparent ladder 20 DEN
-elbeo: Tights 20 DEN transparent Perfect Fit
-KUNERT: Mystique 20 tights transparent, matt, natural beauty

Note: "good"

- Falke: sheer tights PURE MATT, 20 DEN
- Janina (kik): sheer tights, 20 DEN
- Gina Benotti (Ernsting’s Family): Classic tights, 20 DEN
- Fascíno (DM): tights with a matt look, 20 DEN

Grade: "satisfactory"

- H&M: Tights Semi Shiny, 20 DEN
- CALZEDONIA: Sheer 20 tights