Which subjects should I choose

Which advanced course should I choose?

Choose your advanced courses according to ...

your interests

German has been your favorite subject since the 5th grade? Do you read physics books in your free time? Then your choice of subjects should be pretty clear - no matter what others say. Of course, the study effort in a natural science subject is high, in a foreign language vocabulary has to be crammed in German Books to be read. But if you like to sit in the subject and are interested in the topics, that's not all that bad.

You don't really have a favorite subject? Or are there several subjects that interest you to choose from? Then you could Let grades decide. A solid performance in a subject is a good sign that the content suits you. Speak, If you were between 3 and 4 in math in the middle school, but always got a 2 in German, you should opt for the latter in case of doubt.

When choosing a course, you should also choose one Include possible career aspirations. A biology course is not compulsory for budding physicians, but it does at least provide basic basics.

Take a look at the study regulations for your desired degree program or the training regulations for your planned apprenticeship: Is there a lot of chemistry on the agenda? Or math? In simple terms it can be said: For example, those studying educational science are advised to turn to pedagogy, those who want to use German in the media, who want to go abroad to English.

Yes, of course, teachers are encouraged to treat their protégés equally and fairly. But as a student you just come better with one teacher and not at all with the other. And who wants 5–6 hours of lessons every week with someone they don't get along with or by whom they feel unjustly judged? Before your grades slide into the basement because of such discrepancies, you should Check briefly in advance which teacher will take on which advanced course.