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Yes, when it comes to the subject of the minimum wage, I regularly get cold horror. At least in the hairdressing trade, there is nothing more pointless than the discussion that has flared up about it. Because ultimately only lazy and incompetent hairdressers benefit from the great new minimum wage.

But now it will come, the minimum wage, it will bring little

The fact is, if I want to earn a lot, I have to earn it first! That is a very simple calculation. Monthly sales of € 3,000 are simply not enough for the minimum wage. Point. Like it or not.

Because what do you think happens when the minimum wage has to be paid? Does that mean everyone has real dough in their account? Hardly likely. Because € 8.50 is not exactly lavish either: approx. € 1,300 gross per month. All those who are already earning less now, in my opinion, have not “earned” it any other way.

Yes, of course, but the higher wages will clear the market!

So the consideration is in the room that many discount hairdressers close down or finally raise their prices massively. Does “cheap, cheaper, cheapest” come to an end?

In many cases, as in Lower Saxony, for example, a higher tariff applied to everyone in the hairdressing industry. Has that changed anything in the situation? Rather no. In the near future, employees will simply have to generate even faster, more or more sales with even more unfair means. If they fail to do this, they simply end up “plopping” on the street or, even more simply: unpaid overtime until the cash register in the salon is right.

Why do so many hairdressers work for such soul sellers?

So the question arises, why do I allow so many barbers to be exploited for little money in such salons? On the other hand, all hairdressing companies are looking for reinforcements, but no one can be found. Here, advertising is sometimes offensive with above-average salaries. Mostly they are really cool shops with really cool bosses who have really cool ideas, attitudes and concepts. But unfortunately no qualified, cool and committed applicants who also deserve the salaries.

The whiners prefer to whine instead of looking for a great store, a great job and developing and selling quality. "Uh ... nööö ... I have to leave my comfort zone. I have to do a good job for my money. ”These candidates prefer to do their job without a whim, they get little money for it, but then they have a great opportunity to complain about their suffering and to ensure that the image of the The hairdressing industry continues to plummet.

Earn the merit

But now everyone should know and understand how much of the turnover that has to be generated for the minimum wage is left for the entrepreneur.

We assume 40h / week. This results in a gross salary of € 1,360 per month. Let's use the industry-wide very common factor * 3.5 on it (* Your gross salary is multiplied by this factor and this results in your target sales)

€ 1,360 x 3.5 = € 4,760

A rough calculation looks like this:

And most salons pay even more than 15% income tax. For small salons with small profits, this fits as a guideline in our model calculation. Even with 10 employees, nobody gets rich here. The € 2,427.70 sounds like a lot at first, but a lot has to be paid for. Chamber contributions, employers' liability insurance association, taxes and duties, insurance, etc. On average, € 500-600 is spent on health insurance alone. Nobody should neglect old-age provision either. As you can see, € 2,500 is gone very quickly. Then actually reserves have to be built up and what to eat might also be on the table.

Now let's be honest: for all the stress, yourself and all the time, the risk and the great responsibility, you should be able to get around life. If I had such employees, I would throw them all out and only work alone (with trainees).

For comparison: my personal average monthly turnover is around € 7,500-9,000.

€ 2,000 desired salary

My opinion: a craftsman who earns less than € 2,000 is not a craftsman, but an unskilled worker. However, if you want to earn more, you have to understand the bill and why merit is precisely merit.

So let's calculate this “desired salary”. 2,000 € x 3.5 = 7,000 € turnover, of which at least 10% should be sales turnover, so 6,300 € remain for service turnover.

Yes, I know what's coming next “is he crazy? Never to create! ”Dear people, here we are also assuming decent and appropriate service prices. The quality of the craftsmanship is at the highest level and the technical skills are continuously trained in regular training courses. If you work in a cheap salon, forget about it or find a decent employer if you want.

Further on in our desired salary calculation: € 6,300 through 21 working days, € 300 daily turnover. I think that's easy to manage on average. Of course, this becomes difficult in a € 10 salon, where everything has to work quickly and without time-consuming advice. But, everyone The hairdresser has damn it the opportunity and also the choice to apply to a "good" salon, to continue training and to generate additional sales with simple means.

Almost every hair salon has job vacancies

Remember: no hair salon in the world can afford to pay poorly employees with good sales. Because as a rule, as salon owners, we want to keep the good employees. However, the employee situation is tense everywhere. In particular, the salons that pay well for good sales have a surprisingly harder time finding suitable employees. Why is this so? Every hairdresser should touch their own nose.

Many entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with the sales of their employees

I can only say: partly to blame yourself! Have you ever explained the turnover structure in connection with the salary to your salon team? I can only achieve and exceed what I understand. The first step would be to bring this connection closer to your team. This changes something in the way of thinking.

In our shop, we processed this calculation at a seminar I developed, in the entire team and mentally geared our way towards success. The whole team has decided that we will never again allow individual employees to permanently fail to perform and thus harm the entire team.

Shortly afterwards the prices were increased by approx. 10%, 100% of this price increase goes to my employees and above all to the trainees.

The to-dos in the salon

If your boss only gives you a sum that you have to implement, then ask him about the factor for the target sales. Think about your "desired salary" and plan the necessary sales targets for it. With these numbers you have a tangible and measurable negotiating factor with which you can negotiate a higher salary.

As a salon owner, it is important to explain to your employees how much you really earn from the service. Because as seen above, after deducting all costs, there are only about 5% profit and you need to know that. One idea: Maybe you no longer talk about minimum sales, but explain to them that they simply earn too little. More sales, more earnings.

My conclusion: Finally stop whining! Everyone has it in their own hands. Find a great hairdressing salon and a cool boss and then you will get what you deserve. And “awesome hairdressing salon” doesn't mean very expensive, but reasonable prices have to be called for. Have fun, get excited, your customers and colleagues. Success is fun, success is sexy and money makes you happy too! I wish you success!

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