How much money do commercials pay

How much do you earn with advertising per month, insertion and click?

For a long time, advertising was one of the most popular ways to earn money with your own website.

But is it still worth placing advertising banners today and how much do you earn per month, banner insertion and click?

Today I answer these questions, describe my experiences and show examples.

Does advertising still work to make money at all?


Advertising was the first major source of income for websites on the Internet. When I discovered the Internet for myself in the 1990s, advertising banners were already on many websites.

This is not surprising either, since the advertisements from the offline world have simply been transferred to the Internet. And for a long time, advertising on websites was very lucrative.

However, many advertisers and website owners have gone too far. In order to generate even more income, layers, popups, animated banners and so on were added. Even today, many websites are sometimes unbearable when they see more advertising than content.

More and more attempts were made to draw attention to advertising and this made users more and more annoyed. Some of the users are already ignoring advertising banners or even using an ad blocker. According to experts, it is 20-30% nowadays. However, this varies depending on the topic and target group.

On the other hand, there are also banner plugins for WordPress that can bypass AdBlockers, such as the Advanced Ads * that I use.

The bottom line is that banner advertising has lost its importance over the years and other sources of income have become more important. But that does not mean that promoting websites and blogs is unimportant. You can still make very good money with it.

How much do you earn from advertising per view and click?

There are several ways that you can make money from advertising. Some people only earn pocket money with it, others achieve high income.

You can offer banner spaces yourself, although of course you need contacts here, but also have everything under control and do not have to give up any of the advertising income. Alternatively, there is also the option of using an online service that provides advertising.

Money per month?
Many people ask me how much money they can make a month from advertising. That is of course difficult to say and very individual for each website.

For example, I rent banner spaces at fixed prices per month on and my other blogs. You can find information about this on my advertise here page. The billing takes place in advance, which makes it very easy for me and there are also no failures.

This approach is optimal when you have relatively little fluctuation in traffic from month to month. In addition, you should have the right target group for small and medium-sized companies. Corporations do not place ads directly on websites, but neither do individual self-employed people. For me, it is mainly medium-sized companies that are advertising customers.

The monthly price per banner depends on the banner space, your own target group and of course the number of visitors. Unfortunately, there are no fixed values ​​here. Anything is possible between 10 cents and 5 euros CPM (price per thousand banner displays).

For me, the CPMs are between around 3 euros and 30 cents, depending on the banner. That makes a total of up to 400 euros per month for a banner here in the blog. Net.

The prices of my banner spaces have developed over time and I found this out based on demand. When I had more companies that wanted to place a banner at a certain price than there were banner spaces, I simply increased the prices.

Money for fade-in?
Another way to earn money with banners is to use banner ads for billing. This is actually the classic banner placement, where a final billing takes place via the TKP. Online services for banner placement often bill this way.

You build in a code and a banner is automatically displayed there and the number of impressions is measured. At the end of the month, the number of impressions is billed.

Often, however, there is the so-called frequency cap and the like. So you don't have 100% occupancy of the banner spaces here. I've had rather bad experiences with it, at least with remaining space providers.

The poor occupancy (often only 30%) and very low CPMs (well below 1 euro) ensured that the income was very low and well below what I earned with directly rented banners.

Money for clicks?
Every now and then you can also see advertising banners that are billed according to clicks (a fixed euro cent remuneration per click). Of course, this requires even more sophisticated tracking.

It thus represents a solution between classic banner advertising and affiliate marketing. This is a little better for advertising customers, since their advertising costs depend on the number of clicks. For the website operator, it can also be worthwhile if the advertising fits very well and is attractive. However, this form is not often used because it is complex and not ideal for both parties.

Google AdSense works basically the same, but with variable click prices. If you only allow graphic banners there, then you are close to this banner model.

Is it worth it?

For many years I have had banner spaces on my blog and these are mostly occupied. The really attractive banner space, directly above in the content, is always fully booked (despite the high price), but the others are mostly occupied as well.

And so I earn around 1,500 - 2,000 euros a month here on the blog just from banner advertising. That's around 20-25% of my total income here on the blog. The CPM of all banners together is around 6 euros.

From around 30,000 page impressions per month, I have achieved three-digit income with advertising banners. The revenue increased to four digits from around 130,000 page impressions per month.

Whether it is worth it depends heavily on your own contacts with companies, your own topic, the existing range and other factors.

Here are a few more examples of how different advertising revenue can be.

A great food blog is a large and successful food blog. At the end of 2016, I carried out an analysis of the earnings and it shows that they made about $ 60,000 a month with advertising. That is around 63% of the total income.

The advertising revenue came mainly from the AdThrive service. This automatically conveys advertising banners. With more than 4.2 million page views per month, the total CPM for all banners was around 14 euros.

So here there was a lot of emphasis on banner advertising.

Blog about saving and making money
The blog only generated around 5% of its own income through advertising in February 2019.

That is only a very small proportion, because other sources of income are in the foreground here.

DIY blog
The blog even has no advertising income at all, according to its own income report. The focus here is exclusively on other sources of income.

As you can see, the proportion of advertising is very different. How much you earn with advertising depends on many factors and of course also very much on what your own strategy looks like.

Advertising is also interesting for niche websites, as I have shown myself in an article.

Alternatives to advertising banners

There are a number of alternatives to using banners to make money on your website. Sometimes, like advertising, these are heavily dependent on traffic, but sometimes not as much.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing has developed very well and is now my biggest source of income.

In short, you refer customers to online shops and other online services. Then you usually get a percentage commission for the generated sales.

Affiliate marketing revenues are not as dependent on traffic, even if this helps of course. That's why it's a very good source of income for niche websites.

Google AdSense
I already mentioned AdSense. It's a very simple source of income that offers a lot of potential. In the course of the tightening of data protection, the use of AdSense has also become more critical.

That's why I expanded Google AdSense and created my own AdSense alternative that works well.

The income with AdSense is very dependent on the traffic. So you should have a lot of visitors for this.

Link rental
Link rental is still lucrative, but also a risk. Google doesn't like it when you rent out links for money. A penalty in the ranking is possible.

In return, the link rental also brings very good income and these are hardly dependent on the traffic.

Today, link rental is often found in the form of paid content (with a link).

Own products
Creating and selling your own digital products is the fine art of online business. Online courses, video series, eBooks and the like offer very good earning potential.

It is not absolutely necessary to have a lot of traffic, but the right visitors. But of course more traffic helps here too.


So making money with advertising is still possible today and many websites rely heavily on it. However, it has become harder and certainly not every website is the right source of income.

You need the right topic, lots of visitors and suitable advertisers. Then you can get good income. But you should never just rely on advertising, but also earn money with affiliate marketing or your own products, for example.

What is your experience with advertising on your websites?

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