What is the Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Browser Developer Edition

Your new favorite browser is here - with innovative features, more performance and all DevTools for you and the open web.

Firefox Developer Edition - German

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Firefox Developer Edition - German

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Firefox Browser Developer Edition

The browser for developers

The latest developer tools as a beta version as well experimental functions like the multiline console editor and WebSocket inspector.

A separate profile with its own pathso that the version can be used alongside the release or Firefox Beta.

Settings, adapted for web developers: Browser and remote debugging are enabled by default, as is the dark theme and the button for the developer toolbar.

Innovative features

Master CSS Grid

Firefox is the only browser with special tools for development and design using the CSS grid. For improved visualization of the grid. To display related names within the environment. To preview changes to the grid and more.

Further information

Faster information

Font panel

The new font panel in Firefox DevTools gives developers quick access to all the information about the fonts used by an element. This includes important information like the source, weight and style of the font, and more.

Further information

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