Who uses the AutoCAD software



Single user access

If you have a single user subscription or maintenance plan, use your serial number or Autodesk ID (email address and password) to activate and access software on your home computer. Annotation:Only one instance of the software can be active on your work computer or on your home computer at a time. However, you can install the software on up to three devices.

Multi-user access / network

With multi-user subscriptions and / or network maintenance agreements, Autodesk Home Use Rights are only available for eligible products: View the list of approved products for home use. If you have a multi-user subscription or network maintenance contract, you can borrow a license from the network license server for home use or request a license for home use.

Token Flex Enterprise Business Agreements (EBA)

If your company has an Autodesk Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA), there are a few options for how home users can access your desktop products.

Option 1
Your Autodesk software can be accessed remotely through virtual private network (VPN) connections. If your VPN supports it, your users can access the products as needed. In a token flex model, tokens are used as usual.

Option 2
If a continuous VPN connection is not possible, users can temporarily connect to your corporate network (either via VPN or in the office), start the required product, and then borrow a license from the network license server. Tokens are claimed until the license is returned or the return date is reached.

Annotation: The specified loan period is six months. However, the return date and other details about how license borrowing works for your company depend on your configuration settings.

Option 3
If access to VPN is not possible for EBA users, you can install the Autodesk Network License Manager (NLM) on a server in your cloud / DMZ environment. The Autodesk Network Licensing Reporting Service (NLRS) must also be installed and report to this server. When NLRS is installed and reporting, product usage will be tracked and tokens will be claimed as before. You are responsible for all usage on the server and for securing access to it.


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