How to do gray paint

Mix the gray paint yourself

Gray is a diverse color that goes well with almost all other nuances and can be combined with them. But how can you mix a gray shade yourself?

The color gray doesn't have to be boring or dreary, because there are numerous shading variations that can be really invigorating. There are also many possible combinations.

Gray is an achromatic color

  • There are colors that are called colorful because they correspond to a certain tone and also have a color saturation themselves, which expresses the color intensity. This applies to green, blue, yellow or red and their mixtures, for example.
  • Gray is considered achromatic, because here only different degrees of brightness can be differentiated when mixing. A tone that is very close to white would therefore be light; a color very close to black would be dark.
  • Therefore, if you want to mix a gray shade yourself, you only need black and white and vary the proportions of the two colorations depending on the desired brightness.

Mix different shades of gray yourself

  • If you want to mix a very light gray color yourself, use a lot of white and a little black. With a dark shade, simply reverse the ratio.
  • It usually makes more sense if you mix the color that is to be used in a smaller proportion into the other and not the other way around.
  • In addition, the gray does not have to remain achromatic, you can also add individual nuances of other colorations to the tone yourself, such as a bit of red, blue or green. This gives you muted, but elegant shimmering tones.
  • Here, too, you should have finished the gray before you add any more tones.

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