How to make a harem


Hola my beautiful skullys. That is your name now deal with it. Remember this is my first story sooooo ........ yeah. Wish me luck. There will be cursing and violence in the future chapters

Lovie's POV

Sup ppl. Well my name is Lovie but call me Ace. I don't know why but i like when ppl call me by that name. I am 4 "6, really short yea I know. I have long red hair. It literally drags behind me on the floor. And I am a otaku. A major gamer also. I'm pretty and i know it. Yea I can be cocky sometimes. I love food but i stay skinny. I love chocolate, cheesecake, and all sweets. I could go on but i wont. Well my mom died when i was 8 and my dad walked out on us when i was 6 so i live with my grandma. She sent me to boarding school call Super High Academy aka SHA. I have a secret but you will find out in my first class. Also don't fuck with me, my friends, my family, and most importantly my food. I will not hesitate to hurt you.
Bye ppls
Sighing off
Lovie my real name