What is the best SEM strategy

What is SEM Introduction to search engine marketing

Users who arrive at a website via search engines are among the highest quality and most motivated visitors, as they have decided on their own initiative to carry out the search and get to the website by clicking on the link. To achieve this, good search engine marketing is necessary so that you present yourself optimally to the users who carry out a search. But what does the term SEM actually mean ...

What is search engine marketing?

The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consists of a number of tools, techniques and strategies. All of this serves to optimize the visibility of landing pages and websites with the help of search engines. The aim is to position yourself better and better and thus to appear more and more often in potential search queries from users who use brand-relevant keywords.

Since the range of search terms used by users is very broad and varied, a central point of online marketing is to determine which words or phrases are relevant for better positioning a website. In this way, precisely those users who are really interested in the brand or product are selected.

Different types of lists from search engines

After you have identified the relevant keywords, the next step is to achieve good results in the search engines, also known as SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Usually search engines offer two types of results.

Organic or natural results

In the case of the organic results, the results are usually displayed in the middle of the page. To do this, the search engine uses an algorithm that determines which websites are best able to respond to the user's query. The Google algorithm is based primarily on the relevance (web content) and the authority (links from other pages) of the respective website. The tools and techniques that are used to improve the positioning within the result lists are called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And undoubtedly belong to one of the foundations of the SEM.

Paid results

In the case of paid results, the results usually appear at the top or in one of the right-hand columns. In order to appear here, the advertiser pays an amount for each click received. Additional sales results can thus be achieved through the advertising options of the search engines.

How do you appear in the search lists?

Just as there are two different types of listings, there are also two different mechanisms that can help you get a good position in the search lists.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization, which means something like search engine optimization) is concerned with getting new users for a website through organic or natural search results. In particular, the composition of the links, the keyword analysis and the creation and optimization of website content should be taken into account. This whole process is also known as search engine positioning.

Advertisements in search engines

The aim is to get potential customers for the website through paid advertising based on sponsored links in search engines such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Advertisements are created, which are then controlled by a meaningful bid strategy. This system is also known as PPC (Pay per Click) or CPC (Cost per Click).

What can SEM achieve?

In order to understand in detail what SEM means, it is essential to understand the numerous positive effects it has on online marketing strategies.

Highly qualified users for your website

One of the key functions of a good digital marketing strategy is attracting the right users to the website. The SEM enables you to select the users by the keywords they are looking for and thus only lead those who show real interest to the website.

Brand awareness

Being among the first results on Google is a great way to increase your brand's visibility. Even if the user does not click on the first result, he will associate your brand with a solution to his search query, based on the mere fact that it appears in the first positions in the search list.

Increase the conversion rate

Google AdWords offers all the necessary services to measure the conversion rate of the ads placed and to check their effectiveness.

Achieve a lot with a small budget

With the ability to adapt the budget to current needs, this marketing strategy offers, above all, flexibility and thus great scope for growth. In addition, it does not require a large initial investment, which is why it is also ideal for small and medium-sized companies.

Context advertising

On the one hand, the advertisements are also placed in the search engines, but are also displayed on other websites through the use of data and parameters. The possibilities of personalization for a specific user group are endless: From users who are particularly interested in a certain product, to users who have already visited the website, to their geographical location and many other options.

Advantages of the SEM

In order to understand SEM, it is essential to understand all the advantages that search engine marketing has to offer. SEM is without question a powerful and high-quality instrument that offers numerous possibilities for all industries and brands. Nonetheless, it should not be forgotten that this is also just one of many online marketing strategies.

Measurable down to the last detail

The SEM tools used create detailed reports on the development of the advertising campaigns. They offer a detailed overview of the current status of the advertisements at all times.

Real time tracking

With the help of Google Analytics, the entire movements on the website can be analyzed, which means that necessary measures can be carried out immediately if a deviation from the desired results is visible.

Pay per click

Only pay for the result, doesn't that sound good? The maximum daily budget and the maximum price per click can be set in advance. This ensures the continuous profitability of the campaign.


Compared to SEO or other content marketing strategies, search engine web advertisements offer fast and, above all, extensive results.

Applicable to everyone

Due to the scalable investment opportunities, SEM is suitable for every type of trade or company. There is fair competition between all of these for the first places in the search results for the desired keywords.


By concentrating on certain keywords, you get to exactly those users who are actively interested in a product. You can also filter for other properties such as language, behavior, etc.

Principles for a good SEM strategy

In order to be familiar with SEM in detail, one should know some of the most important basics of search engine advertisements. Since Google is the most widely used search engine, these are shown below using the example of Google AdWords.


Keywords form the basis of the entire SEM strategy, because these words, or groups of words and sentences, ensure that the ad is visible to the user.

Advertising text ads

The standard ads of the search engines consist of advertising texts. These basically consist of a title, two lines of text and a link that can be personalized.

Advertising groups ads

Are a group of ads and keywords that come together under a campaign, for which a common daily budget, as well as the geographic location in which the ad is to be placed, are defined.

Search advertising network

The advertising network is the part of the search engines in which the advertisements appear. The easiest are the text ads at the top and right-hand side of the results list. However, you can also place ads on other websites such as Google Shopping or Google Maps.


The amount of clicks on an ad.


The number of times the advertisement has appeared.


The percentage of ads that were clicked.


The average cost per click. In order not to exceed the budget, various limits can be set.

Quality level

The quality level is determined by the evaluation of the keywords and the advertisement and forms the basis of the Google CPC. Therefore, the average cost per click for high quality ads is lower.

Video about search engine marketing

Why should you use SEM?

Well-crafted advertisements in search engines can produce very profitable results relatively quickly. Because in order to get a lot of users for a website, every brand / company needs the necessary awareness. We hope that through this article we were able to answer all your questions about SEM, so that you can now make decisions independently and expand and expand your digital marketing structures.

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