How do web developers get rich

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Young web developers receive an average annual salary of around 34,000 euros. This was the result of a current remuneration analysis by the HR consultancy, which specializes in salary issues, and COMPUTERWOCHE. The Hamburg analysts evaluated 412 data records from their pool of several thousand IT salary data, which relate to web developers and designers. Web designers with less than three years of professional experience go home with an average of 28,000 euros. Over the years, the salaries then almost equalize: after at least ten years of professional activity, the two professions are separated by just 2200 euros annually.

Experienced web programmers move, if you also include the specialists who have been active for many years, at an average of 44,000 euros per year. High earners can get an annual salary of 55,000 euros. Experienced designers are not that far removed from the developers, the difference is on average only 1000 euros a year.

In view of the ongoing discussion about the shortage of skilled workers in the Internet world, these salaries may seem too low. From a company perspective, however, there are good reasons for the remuneration policy. The internet industry is characterized by a large number of medium-sized companies, where the pay is lower than, for example, in the classic IT industry with its globally operating software and consulting companies. Furthermore, communication agencies, in which web experts also work, pay their employees significantly more modestly than ICT companies.

In addition, the data of all those involved flow into this evaluation - regardless of whether they work in the East or in the West, in a group or a ten-person company, or whether they are studying or are career changers.

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Individuals enter the salary data securely encrypted via an online questionnaire and immediately afterwards find out how they fare against colleagues with a similar job description and comparable qualifications.

Companies can purchase the entire study at a special price in autumn. The remuneration is shown according to function, company size, position and personnel responsibility. The report also shows details such as the base salary or the fixed and variable components of the remuneration as well as all fringe benefits.

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