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Austria wants to open up. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz confirms the first easing in May. But Voralberg has to tighten the lockdown for the time being. The news ticker.

  • In Austria, the number of corona cases is still very high, despite the lockdown (Update from April 26, 7:31 a.m.).
  • In Voralberg, the measures are therefore tightened (Update from April 26th, 8:07 pm).
  • Austria wants to open gastro, hotels, culture & sport. The date for the opening has been fixed (Update from April 23, 3:45 p.m.).
  • This news ticker about the corona crisis in Austria has ended. The continuation from April 27 can be found here.

Update from April 26th, 8:07 pm: At the weekend, Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz presented his opening plan from mid-May (see update from April 23, 10:05 p.m.). In the federal state of Voralberg, however, there are now some tightening instead of easing. As the Kronen Newspaper reported, from Tuesday, midnight, a mask and test obligation applies in certain zones in twelve communities in the Bregenzerwald and in Lustenau. With the exception of graduating classes, students also have to go back to distance learning.

In the Bregenz Forest, the communities Alberschwende, Andelsbuch, Bezau, Bizau, Egg, Hittisau, Krumbach, Lingenau, Mellau, Reuthe, Riefensberg and Schwarzenberg are affected.

Voralberg is currently the most severely affected federal state in Austria by the pandemic. In the west of the Alpine republic there is currently a seven-day incidence of 239 cases per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. The nationwide value is 175.4 (source: AGES, as of April 26, 12 a.m.).

federal stateSeven-day incidence
Burgenland111.1 cases per 100,000 population
Lower Austria120,2
Upper Austria189,0

Corona in Austria: Lockdown no longer works - Voralberg problem child

Update from April 26, 7:31 a.m.: Austria has been in lockdown for almost six months. Gastronomy, tourism and culture have been closed since November 3rd. The corona infection numbers are still high. 2,025 new infections were reported within 24 hours on Monday. Austria wants to open almost all branches from May 19th. In the capital Vienna, however, there is skepticism. Vienna's Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) warned against opening the door too hastily (see also update April 24th, 9.25 a.m.).

“The lockdown no longer works” is the headline of the Austrian portal The parks are full, as are the city centers, especially in Vienna. People would hardly stick to the strict lockdown rules anymore.

The number of new corona infections is still high. The number of Covid 19 patients in intensive care units would also go up. An effect of the lockdown measures is currently hardly visible.

Vorarlberg has developed from a model student into a problem child. The “model region”, which has been open since March 15, now has the highest 7-day incidence in Austria of 240.2, followed by Vienna (214.0). The weekly incidence in Austria is 182.2, reports the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES). The 7-day incidence is lowest in Burgenland (99.9) and Lower Austria (126.3).

Update from April 25, 11:53 a.m.: In Austria, 2,025 new corona infections were reported within 24 hours. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior announced this on Sunday morning. 1,786 Covid-19 patients are in hospital. Of these, 522 have to be treated in an intensive care unit.

Coronavirus new infections in Austria in the federal states

  • Burgenland: 37
  • Carinthia: 102
  • Lower Austria: 318
  • Upper Austria: 401
  • Salzburg: 118
  • Styria: 287
  • Tyrol: 165
  • Vorarlberg: 166
  • Vienna: 431

Corona in Austria: Vienna stands across when opening

Update from April 24th, 9.25 a.m .: Austria's capital Vienna is still in a tough lockdown until May 2nd. Then the trade should open again, schools on the following Monday. City boss Michael Ludwig had already shown skepticism at the opening summit as to whether Kurz ‘plan to open everything at once was not too daring.

Now Chancellor Kurz wants to unlock Austria as much as possible on May 19 - with the help of free tests and vaccination certificates (see update from April 23, 10:05 p.m.). But Vienna probably won't go along with it. How wants to have learned from circles of the city government, Ludwig kehr turns. Vienna will not open the indoor area.

“I am for openings. However, for openings that are gradual, sustainable and intelligent, "said the Vienna city chief after announcing the opening plans and added:" Outside is better than inside. "

On Tuesday next week, they want to analyze the infection situation in the capital again in more detail and make a final decision. The city government is currently tending to deviate from the short plan. The Chancellor had also granted this option in the resolution.

Corona hammer in Austria: Gastronomy, tourism, culture are starting again - Kurz gives the start date

Update from April 23, 10:05 p.m .: From May 19, there will be far-reaching loosening and opening in almost all areas of life in Austria, as well as for gastronomy and culture. This was announced by Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) on Friday afternoon. A decision that does not trigger happy reactions from all Austrians. There was harsh criticism from former interior minister and FPÖ club chairman Herbert Kickl, for whom the measures apparently did not go far enough.

"That is lived bondage, and this bondage is a crime against the Austrians," said Kickl about the announced measures. By adhering to an FFP2 mask requirement and the fact that many openings are linked to proof of a negative test or a vaccination, the FPÖ politician sees “more conditions than freedom.” The openings from May 19 would “die Taking Corona Apartheid to the extreme, ”said the 52-year-old on his party's official website.

Corona in Austria: Chancellor Kurz announces wide-ranging openings

Update from April 23, 3:45 p.m.: Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) confirms opening steps from May 19. From this date, gastronomy, tourism and events, for example in the cultural sector, will be possible again. Face-to-face classes in the school are scheduled to start on May 17th. All sports should then be possible.

"The light of the tunnel is getting brighter," said Kurz. The vaccinations are progressing, so there could be opening steps with a “clear security concept”. The prerequisite for access will be the Green Pass - everyone must either be tested, recovered or vaccinated.

"Indoor gymnastics, children's gymnastics and back exercises are then possible again," said Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) at a press conference in Vienna. Outdoor and indoor events should be possible again. Access tests are necessary for this. In closed rooms, 20 square meters should be available per person. The culture rule also applies to spectators in sports: a maximum of 50 percent of the seats should be occupied, the number is limited to “1,500 indoor” and “3,000 outdoor”.

"On May 19, the curtain will be raised again" - theater, readings and concerts are possible within the rules, said the Green politician. He announced further opening steps for the summer.

Vacation in Austria possible again

According to the government, Germans who want to go on vacation in Austria can plan again. The quarantine obligation only applies to high-risk areas. A negative test or the green passport are sufficient for entry from Germany.

Austria's opening timetable: The opening will start on Wednesday, May 19th

Update from April 23, 11.20 a.m .: Austria's “Opening Commission” meets from 11 a.m. with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler. Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein will also be there for the first time. The topic of the meeting is major opening steps that are to be implemented “in mid-May”. The result will be announced at 2 p.m. Like the newspaper Austria Learned yesterday evening, will open from May 19th. That would be the Wednesday before Pentecost. According to this, Kurz and Kogler have already agreed on this with the opening commission in a preliminary meeting. From this date onwards, the gastronomy should be allowed to serve both indoors and outdoors. However, entry tests are required (antigen or PCR). According to oe24-Information will also be allowed self-tests. However, they are only valid for 24 hours, antigen tests should be valid for 48 hours, and PCR tests for 72 hours.

The curfew in the gastronomy should be at 10 p.m. In addition, a maximum of two households can sit at one table. When entering the restaurant and when going to the toilet, for example, an FFP2 mask is required. Other areas to be opened are cultural establishments and hotels. There, too, there will be compulsory testing and, in some cases, a mask. There is further relaxation in the area of ​​sports. From May 19th, some sports should be allowed again. In addition, there should be spectators at professional sports again. There will also be an FFP2 mask requirement in the stadiums.

Mutant in Austria: Great concern in Tyrol

Update from April 22nd, 9:51 p.m .: The escape mutant B1.1.7 + E484K causes great concern in the Austrian Tyrol. This escape mutation now dominates in the state and could even avoid vaccinations, like reported. The mutant is a mixed variant of the South African and the British version of the virus (see update from 4:56 p.m.).

The new mutation is "worrying because it is more infectious than the South African variant," said Ulrich Elling from the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology AUSTRIA. The previously dominant South Africa variant could have been brought under control in Tyrol because it was less contagious and a lockdown applied, Elling continued to analyze.

In the opinion of the expert, the current measures with regard to the escape mutant would not be sufficient. He called for a "spring rest" for the state.

Update from April 22nd, 6:08 pm: The mandatory exit test for Tyrol will be extended until May 5th. The epidemiological situation and the increased occurrence of virus mutations, especially the mutated British variant B.1.1.7 E484K (see update from 4:56 p.m.) prompted the authorities to take this measure, Tyrol announced in a press release.

According to the authorities, Tyrol currently has a 7-day incidence of 213.2. Across Austria, the value is 181.9.

Corona in Austria: Escape mutant in Tyrol on the advance

Update from April 22nd, 4:56 p.m.: Tyrol is developing into a corona problem again. A so-called "escape mutation" is spreading rapidly. This is the corona mutation B.1.1.7 with the additional change called E484K, a so-called escape mutation (in German: flight mutation). The special form B.1.1.7 E484K seems to protect the virus from antibodies. It tricks people's immune defenses, for example after surviving an infection or after a vaccination.

Austria: Tyrol hotspot for flight mutation

The fear of rapid spread is growing, as is reported. So far, only individual cases have been reported from Austria. In Tyrol, however, the number has risen sharply. Why Tyrol is a hotspot for this worrying virus mutation (VOC) is currently being researched. Tourismusland Tirol relies on testing to get the Corona case numbers under control. Tyrol wants to start opening in mid-May, said Governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) at a press conference on Thursday. After the total failure of the winter season, the Austrian state wanted to get back on the road to success. There are prospects for the summer season.

In view of the latest developments in Tyrol, experts are calling for tougher measures and contact restrictions. Testing alone would no longer be enough.

Gastronomy, culture and sport should open up again in Austria (see first report from April 22nd). After an “opening summit” this Friday, the steps in all areas are to be announced.

Corona: Austria complains of more than 10,000 Covid deaths

Update from April 21, 12:59 p.m .: Exactly 406 days after the first corona death occurred in Austria on March 12th last year, the Alpine republic has now exceeded the sad mark of a total of 10,000 deaths. With the 29 new fatalities reported on Thursday, the total number in Austria is now 10,026 since the pandemic began.

In the second and third waves of the corona pandemic in Austria in particular, the number of corona deaths rose sharply. In the past six months alone, around 9,000 people died in connection with the corona virus in the Alpine republic - since the beginning of 2021 there have been almost 4,000. Last December, an action in front of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna commemorated the then 5,000 deaths of the pandemic. On April 16 of this year there was also a commemorative event at the Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

Corona in Austria: Health Minister Mückstein warns of a "deceptive" situation

Update from April 21, 6.45 p.m.: Even if Austria's Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to restore a piece of normality to the citizens of his country by opening restaurants, hotels, culture and sports facilities in the summer, the new Minister of Health of the Alpine Republic, Wolfgang Mückstein, urges caution. "It doesn't look rosy," said the doctor when he made his first appearance in front of the Austrian National Council. One should not underestimate the pandemic situation now, demanded Mückstein and spoke of a "deceptive" situation.

The 46-year-old, who took over the office of health minister after his predecessor Rudolf Anschober resigned for health reasons, however, also showed understanding for the concerns of the population in his speech. “I too want to meet my friends again, go on vacation to Greece and get my old life back,” explains the Green politician. When it comes to protecting life, however, no compromises should be made, said Mückstein.

Corona in Austria: Brief gives hope - gradual openings from mid-May

First report from April 21: Vienna - The number of new corona infections in Austria continues to be at a high level. On Wednesday (April 21) alone, 2,377 new cases were reported. The capital Vienna is particularly affected. The city recorded 714 new infections of the corona virus * on Tuesday. Nevertheless, Austria * wants to gradually open it from mid-May - with a so-called Green Pass. That reports

Green passport in Austria: a little bit of normalcy could return with the new QR code

The Green Pass should be played on the mobile phone as a kind of QR code, all important information should be available there. According to the report, in order to get to the restaurant or shop, either a negative test result (PCR or antigen), the vaccination or the notification of recovery after a corona disease are necessary. All of this will be stored in the Green Pass.

Restaurants and hotels should be allowed to reopen in mid-May

Austria's Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz * wants to give his citizens back a piece of normality. With this Green Pass, restaurant visits should be possible both outside and inside from mid-May. However, there should only be a maximum of two households per table, a maximum number of people indoors is still being discussed, reports further. There should be a gastro curfew at 8 p.m. with a high degree of probability. Kurz also wants the hotels to be allowed to reopen. Every citizen with a Green Pass can then stay overnight in hotels again.

Fitness centers and clubs have to wait until June to open

In culture, too, things should go uphill again. Cinemas and theaters should be able to receive visitors again with the QR code. However, every second seat had to remain empty in order to keep the distance. Austria has also come up with a plan when it comes to sport. Hobby sports should be possible again, including opening the outdoor pools. Visits to the stadium should also be allowed again under strict conditions. Fitness center visitors and party-goers, however, would have to be patient - from the end of June onwards oe24-According to the report, reopen almost everything. The specific opening plan is currently being drawn up by the opening commission.

Chancellor Kurz hopes that there will be less and less need for short-time work

Kurz also assumes that 200,000 people will be able to work normally again by the summer, writes Then the short-time working will be needed less and less, announced the Chancellor. However, he emphasizes that “tailor-made” solutions are still needed for sectors that are particularly hard hit, such as city hotels.You can find everything about the Corona situation in Germany in the current news ticker. *Merkur.deis an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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