Why should I start a call center business?

Assign a call center? Checklist for perfect preparation

Would you like to commission a call center that implements B2B telemarketing activities for you? Regardless of whether you are looking for an outbound call center for scheduling, cold calling or other sales support, or an inbound call center for the support and service hotline, the order hotline or the complaints and complaints hotline: in all cases, you need a lot of preparation the call center can start and carry out the project as effectively as possible. Commissioning a call center does not just mean waiting for the agreed on-site appointments or being happy that the queue of the inbound hotline is finally becoming more manageable. It also means that you prepare as comprehensively as possible in order to provide the telemarketing agency with all the important facts, data and technical needs.

From our 17 years of experience as a B2B call center and over 900 projects with small and medium-sized customers through to global companies from various industries, we have been able to put together an extensive checklist for you.

Below you will find the most important points that a well-established and seriously working call center gives you as tasks on the way. This is the only way to ensure that the decision to commission a call center will result in a good project start.

We are also happy to advise you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working with us or if you have basic questions about individual items on the checklist.

Hire a call center successfully

▶ Commissioning a call center means being aware of the goal of the campaign

First and foremost, you certainly want to increase the company's sales and generate profit from the telemarketing campaign. But there are usually other goals that go hand in hand with such a campaign. Higher utilization of the sales force in the field, increase brand awareness or the desire for a better market overview. Make it clear what goals you want to achieve beyond maximizing profits.

▶ Commissioning a call center means knowing the period of the campaign

Do you only want to bridge the weak sales months with external sales force scheduling at a call center or do you want to basically outsource your internal sales force to a competent and reliable call center? Is it important to cushion the same months with peaks in an inbound hotline or do you want to put your hotline in the hands of a call center? Triveo provides competent support for short periods of time, but also prefers to serve projects over months and years. We have customers who commissioned us as a call center years ago and who still make use of our expertise today. Good work and trust are essential. We offer exactly those qualities that are needed to work successfully with us in the short, medium and long term. You decide which term you prefer. Many customers start with an initial test phase, allow themselves to be convinced of our work and extend the cooperation.

▶ Commissioning a call center means deciding how many hours per month to make calls

There are companies that book 80 hours of telephony per month and some that book 160 hours per call agent. Depending on the urgency but also the resources available in your house, the time booked can vary. If, for example, it is a matter of cold calling for scheduling, it must be ensured that you can keep the appointments internally within an acceptable time frame. It can therefore make sense to use the phone for 80 hours instead of 160 hours a month. The correct number of hours depends on many factors. Among other things, also about the goals for which you commission the call center. We will be happy to advise you in detail and fairly on this issue in order to determine the ideal time investment.

▶ Commissioning a call center means choosing one, two or more call agents

When it comes to the number of call agents, you should also ask yourself what you expect from the call center. It goes without saying that we are at your side with our experience and advise you in detail. Of course, you can also scale the number of call agents up and down with us with an appropriate lead time.

▶ Commissioning a call center means choosing a sales platform

There are dozens of good and bad sales support tools out there. Customer relationship management systems are particularly recommended. Above all, the CRM from Salesforce.com offers enormous advantages. This guarantees 100 percent transparency and real-time figures. You have a full overview of the campaign at all times and can follow the progress directly.

Whether Salesforce.com or other CRM tools. You should make sure that the call center has the expertise in dealing with such programs.

▶ Commissioning a call center means clarifying which companies (SMEs, medium-sized companies, corporations) you want to approach

A call center can cover everything from small and medium-sized companies to classic medium-sized companies and large corporations. It is important that you know for yourself exactly where you want to place your offer before you commission a call center. Triveo Telemarketing has the knowledge, understanding and patience to penetrate even larger company structures and to identify and contact the right contact person.

▶ Commissioning a call center means making yourself aware of which industries you want to reach

You certainly know your target group and know in which industry your products and services are relevant. Is there also a desire to penetrate new business areas and thus address new industries?

At triveo as a B2B call center, we focus on the following core industries:

There we have employees with many years of industry experience and a high affinity for the topics.

Whether robot technology, injection molding machines or cloud software. No matter how complex your products or services are - we extract the sales-relevant knowledge and market you successfully using telephone marketing and marketing automation. We know the challenges in many industries and can also develop the optimal solution for you.

▶ Commissioning a call center means being aware of the information that you want to gain during the campaign

No matter which service you commission from a call center. Cold calling, field service scheduling, telephone sales, invitations to trade fairs and events or inbound support: Independent of this, there are certainly other points that a call center can take care of for you at the same time. The classic case would be market analysis. If the call agent is already talking to potential customers, he can ask for information that is relevant for you. Which service provider does the company currently have? When will the budgets for the coming year be negotiated? How many employees does the company have? Whatever is relevant for you, we ask for it. Remember: the phone call should not be understood as an interview. We think 3 so-called potential questions in a classic acquisition discussion make sense.

▶ Commissioning a call center means making the address inventory available

Do you already have your own database? You must be aware that call centers are not allowed to maintain their own address database for their customers. However, if you do not have any address data, we can provide you with reputable address brokers.

“We work with the most valuable things our customers have every day. We are the first point of contact for potential new customers and therefore largely responsible for the perception and success of our customers. We are aware of this responsibility, as there is no second chance for a first impression. "

Matthias Ehrig

Senior project manager at triveo telemarketing

▶ Commissioning a call center means working out the USPs?

Your unique selling points are our strongest arguments in telephony. If you want to hire a call center, you should define what distinguishes its products and services. Your company itself is also interesting. What makes your company unique? What are you doing better than your competition? Give us arguments and we will ensure that these are successfully communicated in the right places.

▶ Commissioning a call center means naming a person responsible for the project

In order to be able to communicate smoothly and directly with the call center, you should define a person who is clearly responsible for the external call center campaign, who also serves as the contact person for the call agent, the team management and the project management. Many call centers do not offer direct contact with the call agent. You can only speak to project or team leaders there. However, it is important to us that a direct exchange can take place between you and our agents. Because if someone knows if there are any challenges, and if so, which ones, it is the call agent. We encourage this contact and our customers appreciate this direct communication.

▶ Commissioning a call center means providing suitable information material

A call center doesn't just make calls. If you do, then stay away from this one. A promising method, especially for cold calling with scheduling or direct sales, is the option of sending emails including informative but slim PDFs for further information after the first phone call. If you are considering a telemarketing campaign and would like to rely on the expertise of an external call center, then you should consider that you should provide material tailored to the campaign as a PDF, if possible. This is often the legitimation to call a customer again.

▶ Commissioning a call center means having an e-mail address ready for sending the information material

If information material is to be sent, which we recommend at this point, the call center should, if possible, use a sender address of your company. Everything else seems dubious. So remember to set up the email address and make it available to the call center before starting a call center campaign.

Ideally, call centers can not only send e-mails, but also receive them and react quickly and individually. The call center that you want to commission should provide this added value.

▶ Commissioning a call center means creating a cover letter in advance for sending the e-mail

If you want to send emails, you also have to write some. And that takes time. Of course, questions and topics that are formulated in writing have to be answered individually by email or another telephone call. But in most cases it is sufficient to create a mail template that a call center can use. So make sure that before you start external telephony, in addition to the email address and the PDF for sending, there is also a template for the email itself.

▶ Commissioning a call center means clarifying whether you are granting the agency an extension and calendar access

Call agents make calls on your behalf. Call centers with a reasonable understanding of sales also include inbound calls in the outbound process. This means that you can also be called back if the contact person was not available or if the contact person would like to clarify any queries. For this reason, many call centers, including us, of course, use one of your extensions if you provide them.

When scheduling, the question arises from which call agent should have direct calendar access and how much advance notice you need for an appointment. It is also important to know whether and, if so, what number of appointment suggestions should be included, which you ultimately confirm with the potential customer.

▶ Commissioning a call center means training the call agent

Be aware that you have to train the call agents calling for you on your products and services as compactly as possible. This can be done on the call center's premises or in yours. Our sales experts draw on years of telemarketing experience and extensive expertise from a wide variety of industries and often come to your training courses with specific prior knowledge and understanding of the various topics. An advantage that you will feel at all times.

▶ Commissioning a call center means understanding how the call agent should introduce yourself and your company

Call centers and their agents make calls on your behalf. You call hundreds, possibly thousands, of companies and speak to as many different people on your behalf. It is certainly important to you how you introduce yourself. The company name and the name of the person calling are of course a matter of course. But what information do you also want to hear in the performance? The headquarters? Maybe you are one of the leading providers of certain products or services? It could make the contact person prick up his ears when he understands that no garage company is trying to sell him something, but a serious company with seriously good offers.

▶ Commissioning a call center means contacting the K.O. Criteria to be aware of

In the run-up to a call center campaign, think about what your K.O. The criteria for the companies to be approached are. This increases efficiency and ensures that you get relevant dates and appointments. Classic K.O. Criteria that rule out further approach to the company are, for example, bankruptcy, the wrong industry or insufficient budget.

▶ Commissioning a call center means sharing possible experiences with past telemarketing campaigns

Do you already have experience with telemarketing and call center projects? Share these experiences and learnings.Professional call centers incorporate this into project planning and telephony in order to be even more successful for you.

Do not rush into telemarketing with pure actionism. Carefully plan the campaign in advance and together with your external call center. Provide information material, be aware of your goals and also create the technical prerequisites. We'll take care of the rest. Let us call for you and be your extended sales and service arm. We know what we are doing and know the challenges of making contact by telephone as well as the potential peculiarities of inbound calls from various hotlines.

Commissioning Triveo Telemarketing means having found a competent, fair and reliable partner

With us you have a reliable, 100 percent transparent and experienced call center for business customers by your side. Call for call and mail for mail, we work for your success. And that with conviction, joy and 17 years of experience in hundreds of successful telemarketing projects with a wide variety of requirements and focuses.

We are happy to answer your questions. Write us an email at [email protected] Call us on: 0621 76133 800. Or use our form and make an appointment for an expert talk.