How effective are language learning apps

The best Android apps for language learning

Steffen Zellfelder

Learning a language has never been so easy: Here you will find the best Android apps with which you no longer have to hide behind translators and dictionaries when traveling or on vacation. It also makes it easier to take exams at school or university.

EnlargeThe best Android apps for language learning

Because in times of increasing mobility and growing willingness to travel everything is somehow getting closer together, an old saying is also gaining new relevance: "The world is a village" - today more than ever. The command of foreign languages ​​is becoming more and more important and anyone who remorsefully thinks back to school and neglected vocabulary books has come to the right place: In this article, we will introduce you to the best apps for language learning.

No matter what language you are interested in or what knowledge you already have: With flexible learning levels, didactically sophisticated exercises and compact lessons that sometimes only take a few minutes, these apps are more up-to-date and more efficient than any course at the adult education center.

Many developers are also increasingly relying on the latest findings in learning psychology or simply the advantages of mobile devices: Interactive exercises, direct conversations with native speakers or extensive language exercises for listening and speaking are an integral part of the best apps.