What technologies are used in EHR systems

Infrastructure Solutions Simple data exchange with the interoperability platform

Benefit from our highly secure1, modular and IHE-compliant interoperability platform that integrates central services for the management and exchange of all your patient-specific medical data across institutions, IT systems and various parties involved:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • eHealth Adapter Set (AS)
  • Master Patient Index (MPI)
  • Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)
  • Terminology Server (TS)
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Adapter set (AS)
  • Master Patient Index (MPI)
  • Healthcare Provider Directory
  • Terminology Server (TS)
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eHealth Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Improve the transparency of your services with our Electronic Health Record (EHR). As a network for health service providers in a region or a company, our electronic health record offers a comprehensive platform for patient-specific data exchange, including patient access and access control.


  • Access a patient's medical history, data, and treatment information, even from facilities outside the network
  • Share documents, images and other information with other healthcare professionals
  • Patients can view and upload their own documents and additional information and control access rights

Connect IHE-compliant and other standardized healthcare networks and providers via the eHealth Adapter Set (AS). This out-of-the-box solution facilitates collaboration and communication between the treatment teams along the clinical treatment path without complex interfaces.


  • Easy to install, innovative product for efficient collaboration - without the high interface effort that is normally required
  • Access to documents or images from other systems or service providers from your system
  • Quick and easy connection of IHE-compliant EHR systems from other manufacturers through interoperable interfaces
  • Seamless integration of proprietary IT tools such as HIS, RIS, PACS
  • Conversion of interfaces (bidirectional), e.g. B. from HL7v2 to v3

The eHealth Adapter Set supports common interfaces such as HL7v2, HL7v3, HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), DICOM and SOAP (Simple Open Access Protocol Web Services and supports communication for connected health information systems (e.g. hospital information system (HIS ), EMR, PACS, RIS and Laboratory Information System (LIS)) even without their own IHE interfaces.

eHealth Master Patient Index (MPI)

The eHealth Master Patient Index (MPI) facilitates the clear and reliable identification of patients across different institutions. On the basis of demographic patient data, both patients and cases are managed for all facilities within an eHealth network ("eHealth Affinity Domain"). The MPI uses the interoperability standards established for the healthcare sector (such as HL7 FHIR, HL7 V2 and V3 as well as IHE Profiles) to communicate with other systems and acts as a central data hub that enables connected services to create, change or delete patient files and Informed patient contacts.

eHealth Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)

This Healthcare Provider Directory (HDP) service simplifies administrative tasks (participant directory) and reduces sources of error. HPD supports the management of healthcare providers by providing information in a standardized directory structure and with a convenient administrative user interface. This enables a quick and flexible search as well as a quick and clear overview of the data.


  • Fully HPD-compliant search mechanisms enable interoperability and prevent dependencies
  • Cascaded information aggregation across the boundaries of affinity domains
  • Storage of and easy access to regularly used information such as access authorizations, document transfers and recipients

eHealth Terminology Server (TS)

Simplify the complex management of semantic interoperability within your eHealth network. With its advanced graphical user interface, our eHealth Terminology Server (TS) facilitates the standardization and consistency of terminology and value areas of the documentation.

  • Management of specialist terminology
  • Compliant with IHE Sharing Value Set (SVS)
  • Validation of metadata, translations and laboratory values
  • Administration of different language variants
  • Management of versions and their validity periods in the user interface
eHealth Master Patient Index, eHealth Electronic Health Record, eHealth Adapter Set, eHealth Healthcare Provider Directory, eHealth Terminology-Server and eHealth EHR Browser are products of ITH icoserve technology for healthcare GmbH - A Siemens Healthineers Company, Innsbruck. These products are not to be used for diagnostic purposes. The offer is not yet commercially available in all countries. For more information, please contact your local Siemens Healthineers office.
1Meets security standards (such as IHE ATNA / XUA / APPC / BPPC, HIPAA) and implements interoperability standards (such as IHE XDS / PIX / PDQ / PAM, HL7v2, HL7v3, FHIR, DICOM, ebXML, SOAP Webservice, XACML).