Are all lithium batteries rechargeable

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Hello, I would be interested to know to what extent a lithium battery is 'rechargeable'. I would have the option of feeding a few mA into the lithium battery of a long-term temperature recorder while it is (briefly) connected to the RS232 of the PC. If you do that to a limited extent with alkaline batteries, you can freshen them up a bit. How is that with a lithium battery?

Lithium batteries must never be charged. There is actually a risk of explosion here.

@Franzik I know what a battery is, but thanks anyway for the hint. I want to rephrase my question: Is the discharge process of a lithium battery reversible and if so, to what extent?

NO, do not charge !!! These batteries (especially the hermetically welded ones) can explode with a big "KAWUMMMM"! This is not a joke, it happened in our laboratory! We were really lucky that no one was injured by the scraps of steel flailing around!

of Must dish (Guest)

In principle yes, but only once, then the fire brigade comes.

So, if that's so gross, then I better leave it. The charging current would only have been a few mA and only for a few minutes. Thanks

I've already charged a lithium battery from a photo. Just limited the charging current and done it outdoors, and it worked! It is still dangerous!

Loader wrote:> I would have the opportunity to feed a few mA into the lithium battery of a> long-term temperature recorder while it is (briefly) on> the RS232 of the PC. How about gold caps? When charged, they could take some of the load off the lithium battery. Regards Björn

There should also be lithium (ion) batteries. They can be recharged in any case. There are also NiMh memory backup batteries. These have a particularly low self-discharge. Take something!

trying is better than studying. it is best to put it in a large metal case, if it bangs it is not that bad. oh yes you wanted to tell me about the "danger of death not being charged" when talking about the alkaline batteries. but you can recharge it approx. 5 to 8 times with little power without any problems. as long as nothing heats up, nothing explodes, greetings sven

Unfortunately, there is quite a difference between the chemistry of an alkaline battery and that of a lithium battery: Lithium is very reactive!

In addition, the electrolyte in lithium batteries (thionyl chloride) is poisonous.

Hello, how much energy do you need? Take a look here: Greetings Willi

Moin moin, there are also special chargeable types, for example: ML series: Sanyo / Panasonic Manganese Dioxide Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Special cells from Sanyo (another manufacturer is Maxell) With Greetings Pieter

Hi Reichelt catalog page 47 below. Lithium photo batteries, or you can use a suitable replacement camcorder battery. MfG Spess

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