How should girls with thick thighs dress?

Concealing thick thighs: This is how your legs look slimmer

The bosom is too small, the stomach too flabby, the thighs too fat: we women constantly struggle with our figure. But instead of hiding in baggy clothes, we should be proud of our bodies and get the best out of our figure.

Because in a trendy outfit we feel more beautiful and if one or the other problem area is cheated away, perfect! Here are the best styling tricks to hide thick thighs.

Dresses and skirts in A-shape are real figure wonders

The miracle weapon for concealing strong thighs: dresses and skirts in A-shape. The flowing cut plays around the legs and makes them appear slimmer. When trying on, make sure that the skirt ends at the narrowest part of the leg (for most women this is just above or below the knees). This visually elongates the legs.

When it comes to the color of the skirt, it's better to be dark and matt than light and shiny. Incidentally, vertical stripes also have a super slim-down effect.

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Less flattering for strong thighs: mini and tight pencil skirts

Stay away from mini skirts if you want to hide your strong thighs. Narrow-cut pencil skirts are also not very beneficial. Because they are tight, the hips appear even wider.

The right top: This makes thick thighs look slimmer

With the right top you can wonderfully distract from your "problem area" and focus on your assets such as the cleavage. Shirts, tops and blouses with ruffles, asymmetrical necklines, shoulder pads or striking patterns are great for this.

Professional tip: Use slightly longer, airy blouses with a V-neckline, they stretch the upper body and make the figure appear slimmer overall. You can buy a nice long blouse here on Amazon.

The optimal trouser shape: These jeans hide strong thighs

Straight-cut trousers such as boyfriend jeans or the slightly flared bootcut jeans (shop at Amazon) are real figure flatterers and hide strong thighs. The reason: Due to the slightly flared leg, the difference between calf and thigh is smaller, the proportions appear more harmonious.

But you can not only trick with the cut, the color can also be used to cheat away a few cushions. Use models in dark washes that make you look slim.

By the way: Stars cheat on their powerful thighs with shapewear panties. The figure shapers are not for hot days, however, because they are usually made of a firmer material. You can find a large selection of shapewear here on Amazon.

Not a good choice: trousers with used effects on the thighs and skinny jeans

If you want to hide your thighs, you should say goodbye to tight-fitting trousers such as skinny jeans or leggings - unless you combine them with a longer cut top that reaches over the hips.

Also not a good choice for those who want to cheat their thighs to look narrower: Jeans with used effects and decorations at the height of the thighs. They draw attention to the problem area and apply.

Shorts for strong thighs: is that possible?

And whether! Because shorts do not automatically mean that the pants are mini-short. There are currently many models that are cut longer and reach the knee. In order to optimally hide the thick thighs, the shorts should also be cut a little wider.

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Fine-tuning your outfit: don't forget your accessories!

Bring on the bling-bling! Eye-catching chains, scarves and shawls draw the eye to the upper body and allow strong thighs to take a back seat. So how about an eye-catching statement necklace? It instantly spices up the simplest jeans look!

The following applies to shoes: often wear heels that stretch and make your legs look slimmer. If you can't walk so well in high heels, you should try wedge heels.

These 7 pieces of clothing make you slim

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