How can lesbians have children

In vitro fertilization of lesbian couples:
Opportunity for rainbow families who want to have children

Many women couples want a child from the bottom of their hearts. Do not dream of having your dream child any longer, make your wish to have children come true! We look forward to accompanying lesbian couples in our practice and are happy to support them in starting a family. On this page we answer common questions from lesbian women on the subject of having children.


1. What requirements do we have to meet as a couple?
2. Does the health insurance company pay for the artificial insemination?
3. Where does the sperm donation come from?
4. How does the treatment work?
5. Why to the fertility doctor in Munich?


What requirements do we have to meet as a couple?

In order for us to treat you, you must have chosen either a civil partnership or marriage. If you are married, both partners sign the treatment contract. Both women undertake to pay maintenance for the child. The woman who is not the birth mother also confirms that she will adopt the child. Unfortunately, this is still necessary for rainbow families.

If you have opted for a registered civil partnership, we can treat you as well. In that case, you can regulate the maintenance obligation and the intention to adopt by means of a notary contract.


Does the health insurance company pay for the artificial insemination?

Same-sex couples have so far had to finance fertility treatment themselves, as health insurance does not cover the costs.


Where does the sperm donation come from?

Thanks to sperm donation, lesbian women can also become mothers. The sperm donor must meet strict health requirements. The donor will be physically examined and a thorough medical history will be taken for chronic and genetic diseases. In addition, communicable diseases are excluded. You can find out more about the processes in the "Sperm donation" section. We would be happy to advise you from woman to woman in our practice in Munich.

A number of lesbian women look for sperm donors in their circle of friends or on the Internet. However, this can lead to problems because, on the one hand, there is no health check and suitability as a sperm donor. On the other hand, legal problems can arise with regard to claims and maintenance payments.

In the case of a sperm donation via a sperm bank, the legal basis is regulated. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information.


How does the treatment work?

First, we will explain the individual steps of the treatment to you in detail and discuss your questions. At the sperm bank, you can also get detailed advice on psychosocial issues that a sperm donation treatment entails. After a detailed discussion and a careful examination, we decide together how the treatment will proceed. Different methods are available depending on age and fertility.

Insemination is a gentle procedure that does not require any cuts or downtime. We bring the donor sperm directly to the uterine cavity using a thin, soft catheter. So fertilization takes place in your own body. In our practice in Munich we treat lesbian couples according to the latest scientific findings. In addition, you can also take advantage of complementary procedures to improve the chances of success. We can also provide you with nutritional advice and psychological support on request. If the cycle is irregular and we want to plan the day of ovulation more precisely, we also recommend hormonal stimulation. You can find out more about the process on the “Insemination” subpage.

If the insemination is unsuccessful or the fallopian tubes are blocked, the so-called IVF is an alternative. In in vitro fertilization, the egg cell and sperm come together in a Petri dish. Before that, hormonal stimulation ensures that ovulation is triggered at the right time. We then take several egg cells under ultrasound control for fertilization in the test tube. We now insert the embryo created in this way into the uterus.

You can find out more about the processes in the "IVF and ICSI" section. We are happy to take the time for a trusting conversation.


Why to the fertility doctor in Munich?

You don't have to go abroad to have children. In our practice in Munich we are open to lesbian couples and offer them state-of-the-art treatment.

What you can expect:

- Miss Dr. Husband or wife Dr. Albrecht is there for you personally during the entire fertility treatment.
- The treatment is state-of-the-art - with supportive naturopathic therapies on request.
- A personal atmosphere awaits you in the small practice.
- You can discuss your questions confidently from woman to woman.
- The central location and the morning and evening consultation hours ensure that you can integrate the appointments well into your everyday life.