What are some positive sides of aging

See the positive side of aging

Geragogy, tele-rehabilitation, aging services: accompanying and supervising advanced semesters is becoming more and more important - and more and more varied.

Educational work by older people is not a sure-fire success. “You need a staged framework, the basics of which have to be learned,” says Philipp Rogner, head of the four-semester master’s course in geragogy at the Church of the University of Education in Vienna / Krems.

This means the combination of adult education and aging science, for which the term geriatric education is also used. People between the ages of 24 and 80 take part in the current course. "During the Corona period, we practiced lively geragogy through online lessons, because it was a challenge for the older ones," says Rogner. The course also helps many participants to check their access to old age. Many found that studying makes it easier to bring the generations together. The four modules therefore deal with topics such as work, everyday life and living, spirituality in old age and intergenerational learning.

Experiences similar to those of the adult educators have been made in the health and nursing degree program: “Working with older and older people is characterized by the focus on their needs. These are highly individual, ”says Daniela Vitek, deputy head of the Advanced Nursing Master’s courses at the FH Campus Wien. The health and nursing staff is therefore required to respond carefully and needs-oriented to this special group. "Due to the complexity that comes with the advancement of biological age and the increase in chronic diseases, health and nursing professionals are highly challenged to act competently."

FH Campus Wien has been offering the bachelor's degree in “Health and Nursing” as a generalist course since 2008, combining nursing science with the professional qualification for the high-level service of health and nursing. The Master’s program in Health Assisting Engineering, in turn, aims to maintain or improve people’s independence and quality of life with the help of technical products, applications and services.

In four semesters, it brings together the growth areas of technology and health and deals with trends such as tele-rehabilitation, active and assisted living and artificial intelligence in health care.
Danube University Krems is dedicated to another facet of old age, dementia. “The course for dementia studies deals with the clinical picture and its special challenges. Above all, the course is about reflecting on published concepts, ”says Stefanie Auer, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Danube University. There are currently many ideas in international literature, but few find their way into practice.

Positive view of old age

In general, a positive, appreciative and person-centered attitude towards aging and dementia would be represented in this course: “Society must learn to recognize older people as an opportunity for social development and to use old age as a resource. Very often old age is only fraught with negative consequences; a positive counterbalance is urgently needed here. ”In the field of dementia studies, a six-semester master’s degree, a four-semester course to become an academic expert and a certified program (two semesters) are available. The content is conveyed via blended learning.

The "Aging Services Management" bachelor's degree at Ferdinand Porsche FernFH is aimed at future managers in the health, social and technical sectors as well as all industries that target older people. "Accompanying and looking after older people, maintaining and promoting health and quality of life in old age, but also organizing and managing facilities and services for the elderly is a fulfilling and meaningful activity that will become more and more important in the future," says course director Tanja Adamcik.
In addition to management and social skills, students acquire know-how in sub-areas of aging science, combined with an understanding of the potential of new technologies. Your areas of work: the management of nursing and care facilities, quality management of health and social facilities, advisory positions in the area of ​​housing, care and nursing. A consecutive master’s course has also been running since October.

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