What are people's best solo travel experiences

Travel alone - but safely!

ls a woman traveling alone? Of course! Megan O ’Hanlon, Enchanting Travels’s Asia Travel Expert, has compiled the benefits of a solo tour and tips on how to travel safely and worry-free.

Two people who otherwise do everything together do not always necessarily have the same idea of ​​a dream trip. While you may be dreaming of the beautiful lakes of Udaipur in West India, your partner imagines what it would be like to experience the magnificent pagoda city from above on a Bagan balloon flight in Myanmar. Why not travel alone and on your own through Asia for a change - without compromise, just the way you like it best?

But many women in particular are wondering how safe it is to travel through Asia unaccompanied. As I have often traveled alone myself, here are a few thoughts on the advantages of traveling alone.

The benefits of solo travel

Traveling alone through Asia: warm greetings

Of the many trips I've made over the years, those without an escort have been some of the most interesting and rewarding. The ability to make decisions freely and independently without having to consider the wishes of others is something very special and a great advantage when you travel alone. Something that we women in particular often do far too seldom.

On the way, you may also be amazed to find that you are entering into much more open conversations with new and interesting people since the conversations with your travel partner are eliminated. Locals often feel more responsible for those who travel alone. So don't be surprised if a family spontaneously invites you to dinner or to a local festival.

Traveling alone means immersing yourself in regional cultures

Traveling alone as a woman, I had some reservations. When I was planning my first solo trip, I was sure that I would be pretty lonely. In fact, exactly the opposite was the case: whether over breakfast with other travelers or among locals, people everywhere tended to want to take care of me and to get in touch with me. Whenever I had my own company with me, it never happened to me so intensely. This has resulted in some wonderful friendships. In addition, I got insights into daily life that I would never have been able to do in a group.

Asia individually: You determine the pace and the memories

Traveling alone allows you to go where you want, as fast or as slowly as you like. Instead of skipping a visit to a great building or this fantastic market because your travel companion is more interested in a cold beer in the street café, you can only spend time alone on the things that really interest you. And if you completely overturn your plans in the middle, no one will mind. You are in control and you link the memories that you take back with you to experiences for which you have consciously decided.

As a woman alone on a trip to Asia: self-confidence and self-confidence

Going on a trip alone fills you with pride to have dared to do something like this. This enthusiasm rubs off on those around you: Don't be surprised if friends and family suddenly see you in a completely different light because you had the guts to conquer the world on your own. Many women are nervous because of the supposed uncertainty that such an individual trip brings with it. I would say that good planning in combination with a lot of gut feeling is half the battle for a safe and, above all, beautiful trip alone. In fact, many hotels are particularly concerned about the safety of their female guests traveling alone.

The Imperial Hotel in Delhi has even launched a program called “Eliza”, which is specifically aimed at women traveling alone in India. Not only are selected rooms in a preferred location reserved for us ladies, but the security precautions have also been strengthened and employees take care of you.

Choosing to travel with a reputable company like Enchanting Travels, who specialize in customized Asia travel, can be a wonderful way to forget about safety concerns. On the way in your own car with a driver and your personal guide, we enable you to travel safely alone through Asia that you want. We know our way around these regions. A great advantage for you, through which you get personal insights into people's everyday lives, as much and as flexibly as you want. No travel companion is no reason to put your next big trip on hold!

Secure for emergencies

A safe journey also includes being covered in the event of an emergency. In any case, good travel insurance and international health insurance are recommended. Particularly important, and often not given enough consideration: Your belongings should also be adequately insured so that you don't have to worry in your absence and can enjoy your trip in a relaxed manner. Here you will find everything you need to know about the most important insurances that are important for a vacation trip.

The next adventure is waiting for you! Start planning your Asia tour together with our travel experts - contact us now!