What a paranormal experience you will never forget

21 people report eerie experiences that they have not forgotten to this day

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"The steps passed our door and continued to the attic."

Since it's October now, we're all slowly getting into a ~ scary mood ~.

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That's why someone recently asked the members of the Reddit community what's the scariest thing they've ever experienced. And I don't know about you, but it really shook me at times.

1. “A few years ago I suffered from sleep paralysis. One morning I dreamed that I woke up and got up. I went to the kitchen where my mother had just had breakfast. "

“I wanted to speak to her, but she could neither hear nor see me. Then I went outside and there was some kind of demon in the front yard. I panicked and wanted to scream, but then I woke up with the worst sleep paralysis of my life. The scream got stuck in my throat and I couldn't move at all, even though I tried with all my might.

When I was finally able to free myself, I immediately got up and went into the kitchen. MY MOTHER SAT IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE I SEEN HER IN MY DREAM. She wore the same clothes and ate the same breakfast. "


2. “In high school, we killed the time driving down the country lanes late at night. There was no alcohol, drugs or anything else involved, just chatting and singing along to the music while we rushed through the area. "

“Once I was out for a walk with one of my friends when suddenly a girl appeared in the middle of the street. She was so close she couldn't possibly have had enough time to jump aside. We immediately started screaming. My friend dodged and braked so hard that we were standing horizontally on the street. But when we got out to have a look, there was no one there. Complete silence, nothing and nobody on or next to the street, in both directions.

We were so scared that we called another friend so that she could follow us home on the way. More than 15 years later, that memory still scares me. I cry just thinking about it. "


3. “One of my built-in closets has a hatch in the ceiling that (I suspect) leads to some sort of space behind the insulation or something. One day while cleaning, I decided to joke that I would call up the hatch to see if anyone was up there. "

“I shouted something like, 'I know you're up there!' And 'Don't make me come up and get you!' And, 'I'm counting to five! One! Two! Three! Four ... ‘At some point I got bored and so I went back to dusting. When I went back into the hallway I'd just come out of, there was a playing card face down on the floor. I picked it up and turned it around: It was the four of hearts.

I still wonder where this card came from. There is no furniture in this hallway that she could fall off. And there was no way I could have overlooked her beforehand; it was bright red and the floor was rather gray-blue. She stood out. I even recognized the game it came from. It was a card game I hadn't had in my hand in months, maybe years. It was in a case with a magnetic lock and was stowed under another box in the exact closet in which I had screamed at the ceiling. "


4. "As I was driving down a street in the middle of the day, I was checking the rearview mirror to watch the traffic behind me when a hand rose in the back seat."

“I almost drove over the curb when I swerved in shock. But when I looked around, there was only the empty seat. I pulled into a parking lot to make sure I couldn't see anything. There was really nothing and nobody to be seen in the back seat. "


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5. “I grew up in Mississippi and when we were young we used to be in the woods around the Natchez Trace. It was an important trade route around 1800 and a lot of bad things happened on it. "

“We kept seeing the figure of a man behind the trees watching us. He appeared behind a tree, then 15 meters away, without our having seen him get there. Some of us decided to approach him from the sides, but no one was there. So we ran away quickly. "


6. “When I was younger, I often woke up when it was still dark. I then went into the basement to watch TV without turning the light on. At that time we still had an old tube television - if you switched off a tube television, a white light flashed for a fraction of a second. "

“I have often seen a flash of light reflecting off the wall at the bottom of the stairs as I went down. The kind of flash that looked like someone turned off the TV. I always left out the light and tried to be quiet to catch this couch phantom. "


7. “My two children often stared into the same corner of the ceiling in the nursery. My youngest (who slept in this room) said a couple of times: 'George is the ghost who lives there. ‘"

“I asked him once if George was a dear ghost. Whereupon my youngest explained: 'No, he's crazy. ‘He hasn't mentioned him since."


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8. “When I was five or six years old, I ran around the house looking for my sister. I went into the living room and saw her sitting in a chair. I ran up to her and spoke to her, but she didn't answer, which was strange. "

“I noticed that she was sitting there in a rather unnatural way. She was very stiff, staring blindly at the wall and didn't even notice me. I wanted to touch her, but I was too scared. So I went crying to my parents' bedroom and looked for my mother.

My sister, who was wearing completely different clothes, was sitting there playing on our computer. I asked her what she was doing in the living room, but she didn't even know what I was talking about. "


9. “My father and I always went to visit my aunt when we were on vacation. I had always slept in the basement bedroom. I woke up once when a black silhouette bent over me. "

“She had no eyes or features or anything, but I clearly remember panicking before the figure faded. I saw her again when I went up to the bathroom.

I later told my aunt about it and she said she had woken up before and saw the figure in the corner of her room, and even once in the hallway. My father had seen them too. They never told me about it because they didn't want to scare me. "


10. “Many years ago, my husband and I lived in Minneapolis on the upper floor of an old two-family house. Once I was up late at night to read when I heard someone coming up the back stairs. "

“The steps went past our door and on to the attic - I could hear someone fumbling with the doorknob, then going down the stairs and back up. I woke my husband, who could also hear the footsteps. The police came but found nothing - the back and attic doors were locked and even though it had recently snowed, there were no footprints in the snow. "


11. “In August I was sitting in my office when I thought I saw the head of a blond boy outside the window, who seemed to be walking across the lawn. I opened the window to look, but he was already gone. "

“My wife also saw a little boy in our house peeking out from behind the door. She also has a video of something knocking on the door when nobody was home but her.

We brought in a medium and apparently we have a 5 year old named James who likes to walk across the lawn to the apple trees in the back. ‘We don't have apple trees, but our block was split up and there used to be an orchard down there."


12. "My grandpa had a bad back, so he would sometimes get up in the middle of the night and lean against a corner wall that led to the kitchen."

“After his death, my cousins ​​and I took turns staying with our grandma so that she wasn't alone. One night I got up to get a glass of water and he stood there rubbing his back on the corner like he always did. I gasped audibly and he sort of looked at me and disappeared in a way that left an afterimage in my eyes for a few minutes, like I was staring at the sun. I never saw this apparition again after that. However, the window in the room he died in still occasionally opens by itself, even after we have nailed it up. "


13. “I stayed at my grandmother's and shared a room with my brother. We talked about how cool it would be to see Grandpa's ghost. Once my brother got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but he freaked out, supposedly because he saw Grandpa in the mirror. "

“I thought he was kidding, but when I looked, I also saw Grandpa in the mirror. It is clear how such phenomena are clichéd. He was wearing a suit and straightening his tie. I can remember it so vividly. We went nuts and instead slept in another room.

I don't believe in supernatural things, but I remember it so clearly and can't explain it. I wish I could see him again now that I'm older. "


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14. “The wife of the man I bought my house from drowned in her pool.

Every now and then my wife and I have the strange feeling that something touches our legs at night. That upsets us a little. "


15. “One night when I was six years old, I had trouble falling asleep. My heart was pounding and I was practically rigid with fear. "

“I barely made it, but every time I looked over the covers I could see the outline of maybe four or five giant owls standing in my room - and it was a small room. They looked like they were leaning forward slightly because they were so tall that they would otherwise have bumped against the ceiling. I'm pretty sure I was up until sunrise. "


16. “I woke up late at night two days ago. I didn't know what had woken me up so I just lay there with my eyes closed. After a few minutes I clearly heard the word, Mommy! ‘Right next to my head."

“I thought this was my daughter, so I turned around and asked what was going on. But there was no one. I got up to look, but all the children were sound asleep. There was no way anyone could have run out of the room - the door was still closed when I turned around. It was definitely a real sound too, because my son (who slept in my bed) woke up from it too.

I couldn't get rid of the feeling that I was being watched. I went back to bed but couldn't sleep. "


17. “When my grandfather died unexpectedly, I was a few hundred kilometers away from him. I was sitting there alone and reading when I suddenly felt his presence and could smell the oil / lubricant he always smelled of when he had worked in his workshop. "

"Five minutes later my father called to tell me my grandfather had died."


18. “I worked in a big old hotel. I was having a lot of family stress at the time this happened. I had to work in the evening and when I was about to start my shift I noticed that I hadn't brushed my teeth. "

“I grabbed a toothbrush and toothpaste and went into the bathroom near the lobby. It wasn't busy so I was sure I could brush my teeth quickly and then get started.

The moment I walked into the bathroom it was quite cool and seemed darker than usual, like other lightbulbs were installed there. I went to the sink but felt pretty uncomfortable. I could feel someone's presence while I was alone. I quickly started brushing my teeth, then looked up in the mirror to brush my tongue. Suddenly a cut appeared in the middle of my tongue. I spat out the blood and rinsed my mouth out. But suddenly I had the feeling that the walls were getting closer.

I spat in the sink one last time and then quickly ran back to the office. The receptionist stood up when she saw the look on my face. I thought I was bleeding profusely. I hurried to the mirror that hung farther back in the office to see what was going on in my mouth. But when I looked, there was ... nothing. No cut. No blood. I never went to this bathroom again and I never understood what happened there. "


19. “The death of my father was very difficult for me, but especially for my daughter. She was only two years old, but my father was her absolute favorite person in the whole world. "

“I was chewing gum on her shoes compared to him and he literally loved my daughter more than life itself. When he died, my daughter padded from room to room looking for him, then ran out and, not yet able to speak properly, raised her hands in a perplexed gesture that we had taught her to I don't know 'means. Then the tears came to me. How do you explain death to a toddler? When I put her down in the evening, she was absolutely heartbroken. She was frustrated that her daily routine had changed - she wanted to play with Grandpa.

I held her, also crying, but tried to stay calm so that she could sleep, which I just couldn't. Suddenly there was a click from her interactive music chair. A little red light came on and suddenly music started playing. My daughter was slowly calming down and was falling asleep when the chair turned off and she started crying again. The chair turned on again and started playing another song. She calmed down again. This went on for about 15 minutes until she finally fell asleep. In order for this interactive chair to play music, someone actually has to sit on it or turn the pages in the book. It also has a switch that, when I took the item out of the room to examine it, was sure to be off. The batteries were new and after that evening the chair never turned itself on again. I believe my dad is doing his best to let us know he's still here. She dreams of him now and tells me that they have a lot of fun fishing together. "


20. “Almost a year ago, at 1:00 am, I heard my neighbor come home above me. A short time later there was a rapid rumble, as if someone was running across the ground at breakneck speed. Then silence ... followed by the scariest high-pitched scream I had ever heard in my life, interrupted by deep guttural moans, like a death rattle. "

“I thought the guy was in trouble, maybe sick. Every time it started pounding on the floor, my heart began to pound uncontrollably and I would break in a cold sweat. I was stuck in place, petrified with a cold, creeping terror. After all, the only thing that separated me from whatever was making the noise was my ceiling.

I decided to be a responsible neighbor. I had to go and check on him just in case he had any health problems. When I was about to knock on the door, the screaming started again. I ran back and called the police. It showed up about 20 minutes later. I could hear the officers talking to him, then everyone came out of his apartment, he got into his car, drove away, and so did the police. I still wonder what went on that day. "


21.And finally, these best friends were almost lured into another dimension:

“My best friend and I were interested in paranormal research, so we drove into the wilderness to a place that was allegedly haunted by the victims of a serial killer. Nothing happened, so we went back home. Suddenly we both had a strange feeling and the urge to go deeper into the forest in a certain direction.

We got into the car and drove in that direction as if in a trance. We both noticed that the sun looked wrong, like lights on a set. And we both had the feeling that we had to get out of the car and go deeper into the forest.

We drove for about five minutes, then it took 20 minutes to return at the same pace. We drove back and forth a few times, the time was unsteady each time and we got more and more confused. Outside everything was dead still and motionless. When we finally left the woods, it was like a spell had been broken. We were trembling and totally off track. In retrospect, it seemed to us that we were in imminent danger. It felt like we were lured. The worst part was that during this ordeal we both independently had the thought that if we had gone into the forest, we would not have just disappeared, but that we would not even be remembered. "


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