Is Mexico the best for Indians

What language do they speak in Mexico?

The The official language of Mexico is Spanish. It is said that Mexico is one of the cleanest countries in which Spanish is spoken. Of course, Spain itself is excluded from this. It is also the largest Spanish-speaking country in terms of population in Mexico. That is why many language courses are offered in the country.

Other languages ​​in Mexico

In addition to the official language in Mexico, however, were also 62 indigenous languages ​​recognized by the state as national languages. The most important are Náhuatl, Maya as Mixteco. Unfortunately, only about 7% of the population speak these languages. They live mainly in the south of the country, in Oaxaca, Chiapas and Yucatán.

English spreads, but is mostly spoken only in the big cities, in the north of the country along the American border or in tourist centers. In rural areas or on individual trips, you cannot do without knowledge of Spanish. In addition, it can always be an advantage to know a few words of the local language, if only to win over the openness and warmth of the locals.

Immigrants also brought other languages ​​such as French, German, Arabic, Quechua or Mandarin to Mexico, which, however, are not recognized as national languages. With the variety of languages ​​you can also see that Mexico is very diverse in terms of its history and culture.

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