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Learn Chinese with music: Hao jiu bu jian

Learning Chinese with music makes it even clearer that the pitches are not as important as they are: Despite the melodies, you can understand the sentences wonderfully. And again, this is a great tool that makes it much easier for us to access Chinese. In the “Learning Chinese with Music” category, I will always try to find simple songs. It doesn't have to be children's songs, many songs from pop music are also written very simply: Modern Chinese strives for an uncomplicated and understandable language that is very different from ancient Chinese. And you can see that particularly well in music.

Perhaps you only really learned English in your school days because there were so many English songs that you wanted to understand. We want to do the same for Chinese too. We start with a Chinese pop music classic: “hao jiu bu jian” by Chen Yixun

Learn Chinese with music: "hao jiu bu jian"

The song title can be translated almost literally as follows:


The singer and author of the song is called Chen Yixun. Its English name is Eason Chan, the name simply comes from the similar sound. He is a very well-known musician in China and has accompanied a whole generation through the youth. There is an English entry about him on Wikipedia.

That's what the song is about

The song vaguely portrays that the protagonist, whose long-distance relationship with the ex-girlfriend in London has not survived, flies to London and tries to find traces of her.

“Hao jiu bu jian” is one of my favorite songs, it touches me so much that I keep hearing the song at the end full of tears. I feel a pure power that expresses love in a delicate and indirect way, whoever can feel it feels the depth and pain.

We chose a slow song so that it would be easy to understand.

Now let's start with the song:

Please click on the link for the song to play:


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