Who goes to the intensive care unit

COVID-19 patient in hospital The current situation in the intensive care units

First enter the Name of your city or county a. We will show you the current situation in the intensive care units in your region:

So many intensive care beds are still available in Germany

This is how intensive care capacities are distributed in German hospitals today. The green area in the pie chart shows the proportion of unoccupied intensive care beds. This representation is a snapshot.

This is how the utilization of intensive care beds has developed

The workload changes dynamically. Most intensive care units are already being used to a large extent due to emergencies and planned operations. In addition, there are now the COVID-19 patients with and without ventilation requirements. In addition, the hospitals have free, immediately available intensive care beds ready. If you add the available beds to all intensive care patients, the current occupancy and maximum availability of intensive care beds in Germany is shown. The following chart shows how these capacities are developing:

There are so many COVID-19 patients in the individual federal states

Regional and even nationwide coordination of bed capacities will make it possible for patients to be transferred to intensive care units in other clinics at short notice. It is therefore important to keep track of the total number of all available ICU beds:

The SWR data analysis is based on official epidemiological data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the state health authorities, the DIVI intensive care register and the data journalistic team's own calculations on this basis.

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